Example hit a targetted limb alias

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This alias allows you to use t<short name> to attack a limb - for example, tra will attack the right arm.

tra, tla, trl, tll, th, tt - all attack bodyparts

tn - attacks untargetted


It's setup to use dualslash here, but you can change it to another attack and play around with it. Hopefully this'll help you get ideas!

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this is great

Good idea.



Good idea

useful for my Achean

I could use this

I will also, for alt.

I don't understand it. But it is because I haven't tried it yet. And maybe because I don't usually need to target limbs.  But I'll give it a try.


I feel happy that my current script seems to do about this.

I like it good for a alt or if your new



Or someone really old returning without any system.

i wish i know how to adopt this to mush, hehe

simple...switch to mudlet :-)

Muuudlet. >.>






very useful

Tep, quite good

Yes, very useful indeed. Well done

alias lessons for pvp!

+1 ^.^

plenty of potential for new folks to build on

tms target mudlet script

I know I have parry alias' set up similar pla, pra, etc.  For DSL's I just use macro's though.

Though Lusternia's combat system is more advanced than any other IRE game.

And I should get a free bound credit

you shouldn't!


Are you aware that you're being stalked by a stick with holes in it?

nice, same as most knight uses

I bind em to the numpad to switch quickly between DSLs

Mush doesnt like keybindings

i have to fix my system for applying mending and parrying. its a pain when fighting monks and limb breakers

Ah, this is awesome!

Very nice, I got into using the numpad for custom combos as a Monk, but am trying to do the wasdzx style comboing.

Seems simple enough. Good idea.

Probably better off using keybinding to do this.

Depends really.


I seriously love you for this  (and other things), but this especially.


Have something similar


This one is really educating.





I've been using something like this, but I found it is best to do targetting client-side.



Much better than server-side.



Keybinding is essential for PvP, a waste of keys for general playing. I have an alias which switches my keybinding from targeted attacks to directions :)

Another good set of example data on which to base my system, thank you


will study this