Fishing script for Tintin++ (not CMUD)

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This script is not for CMUD, but Tintin++.

A few aliases and macros for fishing.
Only teasing and jerking are triggered, the fisherman has to reel his line himself.
If the first try to catch a fish misses, the line is reeled, and a sound is played (Linux/mplayer).

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Just realized that I use a macro "balance" in the script, it is something that launches the action immediately if the character is not off-balance, or waits for balance to be regained.

I don't post it, because it is quite bad, and not always launched, for reasons I don't understand.

Cute name >.>


Too bad I already wrote a fishing script type thingy. D: Also too bad it's for Medkemia, but it looks similar enough that it might work for Achaea too.

aww, I miss Midkemia fishing!  Making me want to go back

tintin :D:D

People do too much auto-stuff.

Fishing ^_^

tintin fishing nice and cute

cute too



Is there a fishing script for MkO in Mudlet?

I'm sure you can make one using triggers.

Yes, there is. It's part of  a free package called Matawa, which an awesome player has spearheaded. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard just to use those lines.

Yay, Savil!

*grabs random stranger passing by and says to him, "I KNOW HIM"*


I'm in need of one for mushclient bad, I'm having troble fishing as it is.