GMCP-based gathering package

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NOTE: This script assumes you have trans gathering! It has not been tested with non-trans gathering!


The included GMCP event will acquire the environment of the room you are standing in and then attempt to gather any reagents/ingredients available in that environment type with one simple alias ("gather")


Known issues:

Appears to do nothing in non-gathering environments (i.e. mountains, hills, lakes, etc)

Doesn't retry failed attempts (just run the alias again)

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asked on a different thread but no answer... what extra information does GMCP give you? Is it worth digging up the patch to use GMCP in my client?

Nothing for gathering probably, but it can fetch what is in the room without having to parse and gag. Basically said it works in the background rather than foreground. It's also slightly faster since GMCP data is offered the moment you enter a room, no need to enter a command to see what herbs are here and in what quantity.

It gives you a JSON-formatted table of all sorts of information that wouldn't be regularly triggerable. Room information looks like the following if you display it correctly (I have all my GMCP catches formatted a tiny bit to separate module name and module parameters, but normally they'd come through as one line):

Module: Room.Info

Params: { "num": 26266, "name": "A small but comfortable room off to the side", "area": "Eleusis", "environment": "Urban", "coords": "", "map": " 2 2", "details": [ "indoors" ], "exits": { "s": 38331 } }

From regular output you totally won't get normal room numbers or map environment or coordinates or a map if you do a quicklook, but this information was still passed to the client via GMCP. 

Another one could be:


Module: Char.Vitals

Params: { "hp": "5202", "maxhp": "5202", "mp": "3915", "maxmp": "4305", "ep": "23675", "maxep": "23675", "wp": "19400", "maxwp": "19400", "nl": "26.9", "string": "H:5202/5202 M:3915/4305 E:23675/23675 W:19400/19400 NL:26.9/100 " }


There are tons of other modules built into the IRE Rapture server, documented at, and if you can figure out how to program with telnet subnegotiation in your client, it's definitely worth the effort.



Helpful replies, you two!  Thanks, now it's just trying to figure out GMCP parsing in Tinyfugue.  I remember seeing a patch for it on one of the forums, I think.

Very useful! I like it.

Too bad I'm not a much into gathering. For safekeeping, nonetheless!