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Modified version of the GMCP Plugin for Aardwolf.


To get out the GMCP data, put the following function in your character script.


August 18, 2012: Fixed so it updates info in GMCP and not overwrite. For example, Char.Stats was being wiped every time XP was given.


August 12, 2012 (again):


Updated to version 2.0. It's now a lot smarter about the things it does. Doesn't simply store values, but now adds/removes items and rift components, holds a list of skills, etc.


function getGMCP()
 gmcp = {}
 assert(loadstring(GetPluginVariable("62bfc6193517f6e5ac11017d", "gmcp")))()
 return gmcp

More info on GMCP here. This script, by default, turns on all options. If you don't want item updates, chat channels, etc, edit the plugin.


If there's an easier way, let me know at This likely works for all IRE games, but since I've only tried it on Imperian that's what I'm marking it as.


Original author: Lasher


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Looks useful

yes it does



i need to have a closer look at this gmcp stuff for my client


There are other ways to get this information that are probably more straightforward, but if it works for you, okay.

I'll take any suggestions if you have them. I couldn't think of any other way to get the data in. Was hoping to figure out a way to auto-set the GMCP into the world. Outside of that, I don't know. It's been invaluable to the mapper I'm working on.

I did find a method of calling an alias in the world to automatically set the data, but, honestly, I wanted to have to provide as little explaination as possible.

as you say, if it works it works!

I could never figure out how to do it, hence why I have a system!








It looks like it could be useful

What is this I don't even.

Still looks very useful.

I hate you all for your general comments to earn credits.

I hope your arm hairs get burned off because you're playing around a grill too much and chicks and/or dudes won't talk to you when you go out the next night.

Aw, here's a hug.

gmcp looks useful. i should read more about it

Gmcp ios useful, but I would have thought that Mushclient would have integrated it by now


Not that I can tell. And it doesn't seem like it will be, from what I can find.

Does it only work on mushclient? and what does it actually do?

Right now it only activates the GMCP protocol and stores the data. You can write your own code/plugins to use it, like I'm doing for a mapper that enhances the provided mapper in Imperian.


Delete gmcp please.


While there are a few points on the downside caused by GMCP, the upside is pretty good, too.


Updated to fix an issue with it replacing data when it shouldn't, wiping it out.

So what is this script for? I know mudlet has gmcp in it already, but I saw this is for MUSH so maybe I already answered my question :P I never tried MUSH before because Mudlet is always recommeneded.

what this is...

mudlet with integrated gmcp for the win




gmcp is great

yes it is