Harvester and Filler for Concotions

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CMUD love!

Fairly simple Harvesting and Filling system for CMUD. 

For the Harvester:

-Use Survey when you enter a new environment

-Use j (or whatever letter you want to change it to) to harvest the room

Still doesn't work for all environments yet but it does a good job for the most part.  Rarely bugs out and tries to harvest WHENEVER I regain balance, but fixed by resetting the environment's variable to 0.


For the Filler:

-Syntax is <concoction name> <number of batches>.  ex. 'frost 16' for 4 superfills of frost.

-I have NO Idea why it would never work when I tried to use 'health 4' or anything for health, so the syntax for health fills is 'healthh <#>'

-Does everything except turn Selfishness off, and turns off triggers for the moment when you take the gold out of your pack (for Restoration only).

-If you hit 0 of an herb during the outr process, it stops the filling and tells you what you ran out of!



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Nice it works and is useful


Cmud LOVE... I used to use Zugg products then Zmud became incompatable and cmud proved to be a huge arse resource eater... MIGRATE TO MUDLET that is all :)

I never got to try this client but zscript looks interesting

Nothing wrong with Cmud.