INFLUENCE-ing trigger and alias for Lusternia

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This trigger and alias set lets you ANALYZE a denizen and then spam INFLUENCE <target> to use the proper class of influencing while randomly selecting a skill from that class. The ANALYZE output is re-written to show you two additional words displaying their weakness and immunity respectively.

Sample output:

A dwarf sentry has a brave soul. He is currently laidback. -> Empower|Weaken

Right click on the link and click 'Save link as...' to download. You'll want to IMPORT this file from File > Import... > Import from: File... and select the file where you've downloaded it. To uninstall, hit Ctrl+I to open the Immediate execution dialog and write DeleteGroup("Influencing") and click Run (assuming you have no other groups called 'Influencing' of your own). It's written in Lua. Enjoy! 


P.S. Don't forget to ANALYZE each new target before spamming the alias or you might end up using the wrong class of influencing!

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I've been looking for something like this but my knowledge of the Lusternian influence system is minimal. This will help me immensely. :D

I like it!

What is this, I don't even

this will be great for my tae'dae!

Thanks, if I'm understanding how this works correctly I can cut down on my absurd number of influencing aliases.



You could alter this to save the analyze step if it's a target you know already.  i.e. if you know you want to empower that dwarf sentry, allow INFLUENCE <TYPE> <TAR> to set the type of influence attack with analyzing first.

Nice, I may work this into my own influencer, I like the trigger. :)

Now if I only used Mush :/

we had this in achaea. Sounds neat

even if I never use this, this looks pretty neat

this is handy for my cavalier quest!

Yay! I'll try it

MKO's system similar to influencing was actually viable for experience like influencing! Or even did more then the basic yay communion

Would love it if Achaea had something similar to influencing. Is a nice script.