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This is a little demo to show you how you can encode words, to speak another language.

For example, given the following dictionary for translating:

	hello = "veyleh",
	I     = "ai",
	am    = "ikh",

Doing say hello, I am Bob. This works with this script will make you do You say, "Veyleh, ai ikh Bob. This works.".

The dictionary is pretty easy to edit - take a look at the alias on how to add/remove words.

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interesting and neat!


We could use this to build a dictionary that translates incoming tells in other languages :o Particularly city languages since a necklace of comprehension doesn't help there. :D


(Hint to IRE: Better randomise the gibberish other languages > Achaean translates to)

i'm getting this!

Simple, yet effective. Congratulations on the idea.

Nice idea... metagaming though?

This is meant in a context of in-game languages, not necessarily 'make up jibberish only your friends understand'.


of scrambled rattle the serpentlords used... not only they rattled ensuring non-serpents coul hear, but if there was a serpent all they would see would be randomised letters only readable through the encoded script, pretty awesome and all but not sure if that was really necessary.


Very Nice

Neat. Better than stu-st-stuttering scripts :B

While I can't imagine I'll ever use this, it's an interesting script.



This is badass; I remember people doing this in WoW.

WoW, eww...

heh nice.

Does this work for imperian too by chance? I ask because there is a language in Imperian that is just like the one Artemis and her order uses....I think it is the amazon language and they have amazons in Imperian.

Could work if you adapt it, yeah


I'm not inclined to like this :(

This is a neat script, although I hesitate to endorse anything that could let a person get around in game language features.

But think of the savings!

Cool concept.



I don't get it :(