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Calculates the number of lessons between 2 ranks or the rank after adding N lessons.

Syntax: LESSONCALC <skillRank> <percentage> TO <skillRank> <percentage>

This will echo back a line estimating how many lessons it will take to reach a particular rank. 


Syntax: LESSONCALC <skillRank> <percentage> PLUS <number of lessons>

Echos a line estimating your rank and percentage if you were to learn N lessons.


NOTE:  The skill numbers/ranks between IRE MUDs are only slightly different (i.e. "skilled" is called "master"), so you can either make the few modifications to match your MUDs numbers/ranks or use it as it is and avoid projecting over too far of a range.

If you would like to contribute code, you can find the project at https://github.com/markrae/MudletLessonCalc

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I like that!



Another one for mudlet that makes it a useful platform to play this wonderful game.

That looks like a useful script.

Helped me today, thanks!

I was thinking of making this exact thing after getting tired with planning lessons manually. Thanks for the submission!

Nice. If the lessons needed to gain a skill were also freely available that would make it even better. Not knowing if it's enough to increase a rank or more is kinda frustrating, specially witout iron elite.

The spaces between abilities in a skillset aren't all the same. Generally I use this script in conjunction with the skill pages on the MUD's wiki or guild help files. If it says I gain a skill at Capable 33, I compare it to my current rank and percentage (i.e. I might type "lessoncalc novice 25 to capable 33"). Even if your wiki or guild doesn't say the percentages, you can still figure that a lot of abilities fall on 0, 25, 33, 50, 66, or 75%. It's not a perfect solution, I know, but it's not really feasible to have lesson costs preset for every skillset.


oh...for lust


Here's a link to a version of the script designed for Imperian.


I based the numbers off of http://maius.imperian.org//learning.php which is what I used to calculate lessons back when I played Imperian. I'm not sure if it's still accurate.


Combine the calculator with the skillrank and percentages given on the Imperian wiki (http://wiki.imperian.com/Category:General_Skills) and you'll be able to figure out how many lessons it takes to reach your next ability.


I might try making versions for the other games if I can find a list of the lesson costs for each rank. Apparently each MUD differs on their costs by seemingly pointless amounts but in the end it makes getting to Transcendent range from 1767 on Aetolia, 1757 on Imperian and 1715 on Lusternia.

Oh I like this

Cool, if not a bit unneeded for me at this point! :(

how lazy

All scripts are for the lazy

I have a script to autoreplies to comments about lazy scripts. REPLIED.

to make it calculate for abilities not just skill level

Very nice

i still keep track by hand. Good ol' addition!

Neato! But I usually don't keep track. Just on how many lessons moer until trans.


I want a skill for just transing other skills!