Lusternia fancy GUI

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This package will make Mudlet look like the Nexus client. You must enable GMCP in order for the gauges to work.

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sounds like it could be a very cool thing to have

Oh god all my days on nexus are coming back...

Still, this is pretty cool! I think I'll tweak a few things here and there. Thanks Tulemrah :D!

will this work on other games?

Cool idea. Gonna strip it and make one for myself.

This is great and good for tips on how to customise everything to your liking. Cannibalising code for fun and profit!


(not real profit)

Rate it!

Has the ratingbutton always been there? Huh!

It's pretty nifty *rates*

The fancy gui series adds a lot of great functionality, but after so long playing with just the text-based interface, it feels almost like too much.

Will it pilot my Aethership through the Aetherspace?

I don't know the game to know if this is a joke or not.

There are aetherships and space travel. Obviously a GUI won't autopilot. That takes one of the many fancy systems around.



but I think I'm too used to not Nexus anymore to play with this. Still, ideas to be had, hmm...



pretty cool

can you make one for MUSHclient?