Midkemia Alchemy Module

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A very basic module for managing poisons in Midkemia Online.

Upon loading, PROBE VAULT so that it updates from your current herb supply, then POISONS will list what you can make - if you cannot make it, it will display a simple table to show you how many of which you require to finish it.

You can also use POISONS FULL to see a table listing all of the poisons in the game, and the ingredients required to make them.

As well I've included MAKEPOISON <poison>, which allows you to make a poison quickly. Note that it will go through even if you lack the requisite herbs, as I never needed that safeguard - so watch your stock as you're mixing. It also does not auto-fill or anything of the sort - I'm not that lazy, so I never included anything of the sort.

I stress this is immensely basic. It does not tell you how many you can make. Be happy I included a text utility from Atlas' Titan to make the table look pretty. I note that he more or less wrote the module, in one of our bumbling journeys into trying to teach me lua some time ago.


If the .xml naming is screwy, you can contact someone who cares. :)

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Have to try this out. Thanks, Rada.