Mudlet IRE Mapper addon (Display directions)

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To use, simply do something like:


showpath 1234 5678


Where the numbers are the room vnums in question.

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Do I have to switch to mudlet again?

Somebody switched AWAY from Mudlet?!


Not I!


Pretty cool. Thanks

Does it show like n,e,sw,u,e,e,e,n before you autowalk etc?

I think it's just going to show you the path? <-- (Guessing).


This is pretty neat


I added this into the main mapper script, so feel free to download from here:


(Now includes a simple click feature to display)


Enjoy :)

what does it do?

with the answer

I might decide to switch to Mudlet

I am thinking of trying mudlet out so thx


Use or lose.


(Except for the part where I don't pvp.)

but I have some issues on the mac (Latest OSX). Probably, I am the only one who plays on a mac and who is experiencing issues on Mudlet. I lose on both grounds...

I better get on the Mudlet wagon...

I switched to Mudlet, finally!

I just had screen issues on my mac. Savitar is more elegant indeed, but less functional.


mappers didn't exist

I don't.


I wish I could use Mudlet at work!  Trusty old nexus!


I thought Midkemia did this already

there are things the ingame mapper can do, but that doesn't mean that at some point you won't want more control (on the client side) over what your mapper does than what the game interface provides.



Hm, one more reason to switch to Mudlet...

Seems useful

i guess


Necro article, but still a nice plugin

Didn't know about this, cool.

I'll have to try this as it sounds really usefull. 

Nice one, grabbed, thanks

This seems very useful, may switch to mudlet considering all of the cool stuff like this that I keep seeing pop up.


I already like the ease of the mudlet system now this will make it even better.

once you try out mudlet mapper there is no way back..

Keep in mind that this was already added to the mapper script, don't need to download it separately - just get the latest from its homepage.

Does this actually work?

I somehow managed to break my mapper.

This has been added to the mapper script already, so using latest will work.