Offering Script for CMUD

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Showing CMUD some love. Won't work with Achaea because the way corpses are displayed in the inventory is different, but could be easily modified. Not sure about the other games. OFFERALL will execute it.

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Not a bad script, though for any Aetolians that decide to try it, just do the in game command of OFFER ALL CORPSES and it'll handle it for you.

Achaea needs something like that.

Most of IRE games have an offerall now.

Imperian already has bulk offering, via the OFFERALL <corpsetype> command.  So OFFERALL DEMON would offer all your demons. 


Also of use is OFFERALL CORPSE, since all corpses also have the corpse noun now.

Ouch they should get with the program...offer corpses makes more sense, or even offer all/offer all corpses.

Its always nice to make your offering easier and faster.