Omnipave Curing System

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This system can be found at this link as the package is too large to be uploaded here. 

Installation instructions, a manual and an API can also be found at the link.


- Carmain of Achaea

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I like this. It is going to help so many new people stay longer in the game without overly worrying about curing.

Always a good thing!


It will :)






A whole free system? Neat!

exciting, wish i was on mudlet.

I have to say, Mudlet seems to be the way to go at this point.  There are some other good standalone programs, but Mudlet's very user friendly while being quite powerful for scripting. 


I agree that it's probably the best client. However, I wouldn't really say that its user friendly compared to other clients. You have to create your own scripts for close to everything. However, it's a freedom!

I agree.

Love the Mudlet :)

Me too.

me three!

Me, neither.

I am sure this will help a lot of people

Make one for Lusternia next!

True. Lusternia does need a free system. It's a heck of a lot of work though.


Very nicely done

yay for free Omni

I'll have to play with this

Always neat to see if there is anything to steal for your own system!


I am giving it a try. It looks nice but I can't get the darn thing to sip health.


free curing system - awesome.

I wants one!


I will forward this to a few other people, i use my own system for better or worse.

I like that this has been made avalible to everyone. Hopefully more new players will stay around


It'd be nice if this could bridge the gap some.

Indeed, thanks.





Very good system

Carmain is cool. I didn't use his scripts directly, but totally used the older free version to make my own, so thanks! <3 (Just the trigger lines >_> but it's still appreciated!)

how i wish someone made a free system in Aetolia

come over to the dark side


Aetolia is the dark side.

But, we do have cookies.

and everyone likes cookies.

I don't cause no one ever wants to give me any... Could be because I never stop at just one...

Lord Phaestus has a problem with cookies it appears.

poor Phaestus

And sparkly vampires..



+1 to Carmain for doing this.

I don't know these help the game - they just drag out fights between people who don't know what to do offensively - I suppose it give sthem time to learn though.

It helps the game in that many people would just quit without them.

It allows for more variety in combat skill, by letting people get into combat more easily and stuff, too. Variety is good, and creating an inclusive atmosphere (rather than an exclusive one) is really, really necessary, given how exclusive IRE games naturaly are.

Achaea has been needing a decent free system.

I wonder how well it works compared to vadi?

Some parts are better, some parts are worse.

Definitely on the same tier as svo. Anti-illusion is nice except for the fact that Ylgor won't stoop to the level of using an inane emote that is viewable 3rd person to anti-illusion paralysis.  Hopefully that bug will get fixed eventually, though.


Target = xer

target = Xer


But yeah, thanks Carmain :P



Very interesting. It looks like a good way to start a new player or an alt for certain...And possibly more.  I'd be interested in hearing feedback here.

Looks interesting.

Perhaps time to wake up my old character.

Not that I need this, but I love you. 


This will definitely help a lot of people.


Hmm. I tried changing clients and I'm too stuck on zmud.

I'm not a huge proponent of Mudlet, which I won't go into here, but there are so many reasons to move away from zMUD!


Yayyyy, Mudlet :D



I use SVO, I should check this out

What is SVO?


Svo is a paid system developed by Vadimuses, it is perhaps the most used system, and it is quite nice

This does seem to be a nice free alternative to SVO

pretty neat

way to go, carmain.

Wish this was around when I started.

If it's even better than the old free version, then this is going to make life amazing for a lot of people.

It's the version that a lot of people paid money for and had no issue paying money for.

have anything to say? nope.

now all remaining people are going to change into Mudlet heh

I was making free systems before systems were cool.

Started out with ACS, ACP, Acropolysis, Treant's system.. even x-core for a while. Omnipave is really nice, a lot easier to get into, but thats also helped in that its on mudlet. If only both were around when I was starting out.

I wrote at least three of those.

Mudlet's package system really works well for this sort of thing?

I'd prefer if you could checkmark each file you wanted to package in scripts/aliases/triggers/keys and then hit 'save profile as' and it'd package all those selected. Right now you have to save them all individually, then cut/paste them together in something like notepad++, or import them into a new profile. Doesn't take long at all to do it. Just seems like something that one of the client developers should think about. Good thing about the pckg mngr is you delete the package from it, it removes everything associated to that file.

Omnipave is funny as hell

Have only really used SVO, but I suppose I could try this on my alt.


That looks complex

Looks good

Good to see some variety in the curing systems.

Also, ignore the echoes.

Delicious free system

I agree, I wish Aetolia had one, too! Very cool of you to do, though.

Shoo, shoo! Leave the good stuff to Achaea. 8B

Mm.. which is better... SVO or Omni...

Do you prefer apples or mangos?

It's decent for a free system, and I'm sure most Achaea players who use it appreciate it. But, Svo far out-performs it, is more user friendly, and generally cures without freezing up or crashing better.

Very nice job Carmain

Lovely.  I've been trying to build my own system as I play and, while I shall continue to do so, this certainly will give me some insight into how to make things better.

It's great to be able to see good examples of something you want to do.

Indeed.  I've already found half a dozen utterly overcomplicated scripts in my original setup.  Makes me realize how hacked together my stuff is, but I'm learning a lot.

always nice

oi, forgot how much work goes into coding a system... spar/fix/spar/fix/spar/fix/spar/fix/spar/fix/.......


I will definitely have to try this.


I'll have to try

I heard this had gone free, definitely need to give it a try. 


Mudlet rocks. The transition from zmud was hard but now that I have done it i am glad I did. Svo also rocks, I am not sure I could transition away from it. Is ONnipave better? I know it's free and that is better but how does it work?

SVO is definitely more mature and appears to be significantly better. But this is definitely the way to go if you want to try out an alt or something.

very nice system



I have a few problems manageing it

Super cool.

Thanks Carmain.

If it works as good for me as it seems to have for Carmain then I'm all for it.


Maybe I'll start playing again. Though probably not.


might give this a try


I must get this!


Good system!


Thank you!

On an alt




Thanks, great package


deserves the rating

Free and fully functional with all classes? Yes plz!

I'll play with this

Tried yesterday, like it very much.







Hmm, maybe it's time to try Achaea again?



Free systems are the best systems.

I love it! It's made the bridge to combat for scrubs like me much easier, I think.

It definately works

I have to say thanks again. Building one from scratch is too overwhelming for me yet. 

it's a bit confusing at times :/

11 stars for Carmain on this one.



cool wonder if it will be updated?



I have having to get credits this way

I use svo, but have heard great things about this


wish I could actually make my own system


Always good to see free things.




Omnipave is mad decent

Thank you everyone for all the +1s I want to make the system better but a lot came up recently :)

bring myself to switch from zmud to mudlet.

So nice!

Nice system for free.

What does the 'pave' mean in the name?

I finally managed to install this. Works great, but there are some things missing (IE reflection doesn't work for me).

Use it as a basis, code your own stuff on top, that's what I do.

Thanks again, Carmain

I wish Lusternia had a free system.

this will aid my achaean


Combat is frustating, but I'm learning. If it weren't for this system, I wouldn't even have gotten into combat, though. Thanks, Carmain!

+100000 thank you so so so much!

For a free system this is actually really good!

Love mudlet.

This looks very promising.

using it... but I'm to used to the way Vadi's system work... regardless a very generous submission