Personal Message Database

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Script File: messagedb.xml

This plugin looks for messages you send and receive and saves them in a database on your computer. Have a look at the available aliases to interact with it. I'll add the ability to display messages in 'conversation' and the ability to search/display/delete across date ranges in later versions.

This plugin is written in Python, please see this page to setup Python on your computer: clickey

The following aliases are available:

  • MessageDB:list - To display the entire database
  • MessageDB:author <name> - To search through the db by author
  • MessageDB:recipient <name> - To search through the db by recipient
  • MessageDB:message <text> - To search through the db by message text
  • MessageDB:show <id> - To display a message of the given id
  • MessageDB:delete <id> - To delete a message of the given id
  • MessageDB:rm - To display next message
  • MessageDB:rl - To display previous message

The plugin will ask you for a file location on first load, just point it wherever you want your database file to be created. If you get "OperationalError: database is locked" error while trying to add an entry, please delete the .journal file wherever you have your database file to resolve the issue (yay to Gwawr!).

The aliases are not case sensitive, you could probably make your own aliases and Execute() these to make it shorter. 

Please message me in-game for feedbacks and comments! Enjoy!

# I will no longer post updates news here, the above link always points to the latest version on my bitbucket repository. You can see this page to follow along: clickey

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hey, this is neat!

Plugin updated to version 1.1! Two more aliases are available:

MessageDB:rm and MessageDB:rl

these do what the commands RM and RL do in-game.

Your icon is very disturbing.

I think it's kind of cute.





Looks like something a person could step on by accident, judging by it's side!

Just kidding, I'm not mean.

would be nice for mudlet



i llike it

cool this is kind of niffty

nifty indeed!

I wish I could do things like this.

oh this sounds great! Maybe we need a mudlet version of it..?

A mudlet version would be cool

Make it and post it please!

I'm still learning mudlet scripting, but it's doesn't seem like it's too bad, I'll have a play around, see if I can come up with something

If it doesn't work on mudlet It doesn't work for me.

Fixed an issue with selecting from db, thanks to Kalvon. I don't really use Mudlet to make it work on that.

I liiike it, is slick. I just don't use MUSH anymore but now I'm inspired to port it over if someone hasn't made one already.

do eeeeet!

wtb mudlet version thanks

no mush.

Down with Mushypeas!

Honestly I really like MUSHclient but it just seems mudlet is so much more popular.

Personally I like MUSHclient because it supports many scripting languages including VBscript, which I'm familiar with (so I won't have give up my laziness and learn lua haha)

LUA kinda sucks, but I am still using MUDlet.

therein lies the problem!


Cool script Ada (:

cool name too

I read the title wrong and was like wha?

I like

Not bad

Not bad at all.

Decent overall, not bad.

Agreed with the last few comments, all probably posted for the free credit.


I agree with this comment.

I have never really used MUSH, what are the advantages over the normal client?

Mudlet is where it's at. That's just my opinion though.

Nice work.

Why should I use this over the normal client?

Any answers?

please? make it for mudlet? anyone?

A mudlet version would be nice, and It seems more popular, but I personally prefer the normal client. Nice ideas though.

Last post here, but a mudlet version would be nice.

How does it deal with message-ID reuse?

We don't store message id at all, just author, recipient, message and timestamp. There's also the assumption that the messages being read are from the current year since Achaea doesn't have year in the message time. Have a look at ProcessMessage() in the script for the SQL statement and the triggers MessageCaptureFL and MessagePreambleSent to see how timestamps are generated and stored in ISO 8601. I intended to figure out how to deal with the year assumption before new year but now that you're here, any ideas? XD

I don't use Windows, so I don't have the script, just wondered.

Lack of the year is a pain, the assumption is the best thing you can do - and badger the admins to fix it as well.

Ok for now if a timestamp seems to be from the future I'm just subtracting a year from it.. that works for everything except messages from Admin/Divine that don't decay at all. So if you're reading messages from more than a year ago then you'll have weird timestamps :x

I am not sure this is the thread for it, where would I ask my question? Wuestion being why should I use this over the vanilla client?

Is flash client the one that is default from the web page?

I have been told to get a mapper, anyone know how to get one for the default client?


Though reading over the concept agian, this thing seems really usefull


delmsg all

If it is important they will send it again

:D I'll have to get this! :o

Seems useful, considering I just spent about 20 min mucking out my messages

This would make searching for messages so much easier!


Neat idea, thanks!

Thinking of switching clients due to this.



I just love DB thingies. Great work.

what's DB?

Want for Mudlet!