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Organizations in Achaea tend to poof lately and along with them go the precious news-boards! This plugin reads and maintains a database of this news on your computer so they stay with you as long as you want. Oh, you can also search through the db using keywords and complex search expressions. Have a look at the available aliases to interact with it. I'll add the ability to paginate search results, search through date ranges and the ability to search by author, recipient, subject, etc. in later versions.

This plugin is written in Python, please see this page to setup Python on your computer: clickey

After installing all these things, restart MUSHClient and you should be able to add the plugin.

The following aliases are available:

  • NewsDB:addnews <org> <post number> [<post number>]
  • NewsDB:readnews <org> <post number>
  • NewsDB:search <org> <search expression>
  • NewsDB:readnext
  • NewsDB:readprev
  • NewsDB:nstat
  • NewsDB:nsum <org> <post number>
  • NewsDB:export <org>
  • NewsDB:import

The plugin will ask you for a file location on first load, just point it wherever you want your database file to be created. If you get "OperationalError: database is locked" error while trying to add an entry, please delete the .journal file wherever you have your database file to resolve the issue (yay to Gwawr!).

The aliases are not case sensitive, you could probably make your own aliases and Execute() these to make it shorter. 

Please message me in-game for feedbacks and comments! Enjoy!

* Please note the addnews alias deliberately adds a random delay of 1-3 seconds between reading consequent posts, this is to prevent innocent users from inadvertently griefing Achaea.

# I will no longer post updates news here, the above link always points to the latest version on my bitbucket repository. You can see this page to follow along: clickey

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To add all events news to the database:

newsdb:addnews events 1 408

To search through it:

newsdb:search events bal'met (token search)

newsdb:search events shallam AND mhaldor (boolean search)

newsdb:search events "Lord Shaitan" (phrase search)

You can use even more complex expressions, have a look at this page:

... it works only in the News room XD

kinda makes sense

The addnews alias works only in the news room, you can read/search the db from anywhere XD

That seems like it would be especially usefull for finding that post from long ago that it very important but barely remembered.

Couldn't you simply google search in section..?

Can't google search Shallam news or any non-public news for that matter.

Updated the plugin to version 1.1. Now it displays the total number of results found. Fixed a few stray triggers as well. I found myself in at least one events post! Here are some interesting numbers:

Player    Appearances in Events board
------    ---------------------------
Ada        1
Halos      2
Silas      12
Ellodin    6
Tanris     8
Delphinus  38
Sothantos  1
Phaestus   20
Pentharian 22
Sarapis    21
Pandora    7


Delphinus seems to be everywhere!


+1 to it. :D

Woo! :D

Heh, Delphinus is showing off without trying it seems


eh...seems useful, but not something I'd use myself really.

Updated the plugin to version 1.2! Two new aliases are available:

newsdb:export <orgname>


These let you export all the news of the given org to a file which can then be imported by somebody else. Duplicate news is always merged with the existing database as well. So if one of your housemates has already indexed the house news you can simply ask them to export it and give you the file so you won't need to read all the news yourself! Here's the exported sample of the events news post:

Simply do newsdb:import and point it to wherever you've downloaded the above file to import. I'll add the ability to export by news id ranges soonish. Enjoy!

Oh! Another nifty Ada installment!



Updated the plugin to version 1.2! Two new aliases are available:



These let you step through search results as you read the news. I've also sort of centered the search term in the snippet that is produced so it's easier to locate it in the news post itself. Here's an example: newsdb:search events Lyndee

[News #] [From]      [Subject]            [Snippet]
181      Anonymous   Of false visions ..  ...uella, [Lyndee], and Carmell...
194      Anonymous woman's su..  ...Runei, [Lyndee], Aista, and ...
222      Anonymous    The Star Chaser      ...Solar, [Lyndee], Eldar, Eleb...
344      Anonymous    Ransom & Rescue      ...Amami, [Lyndee], and Jasmyne...
363      Anonymous    Nurazar, Part III    ..., with [Lyndee] Faelithar an...
Total results: 5


That's a really neat idea.

Little late :P

I should've made it when we lost all Church news and Mithraea never kept her promise of giving us a manuscript of it. Well I didn't know we'd lose the freakin city too! >_>

Nice. Love those DB addons...

This looks like it could be really useful!

Heh, I didn't notice who was posting, hey kiddo!

yes. yes indeed!

It looks like a good way to keep up with who is the most popular on the news boards from what Ada is showing.

It's to persuade people to get more involved so they can stroke theirm own ego later

credit comment

what this guy said, heh.




'sup? and no worries on the miss!


the screams all sound the same


what she said

who said?



Neat plugin, even for those who don't have disappearing organizations. Being able to use search strings on the news would be quite handy!


I absolutely concur. It's a complete PITA when you have to manually trawl news boards because you think you saw something someone wrote at some point on one board or another!

I'm sure that if I used this, I'd agree too, heh.

awww making me jelous.. we need this for mudlet too!!

yeah actually..this would be a nice tool

Download it and have a go at converting it!

This is pretty interesting; never would have thought of it!

mudlet scripts plz

Shunsui Azon says, "Enheduanna."

Shunsui Azon says, "The caverns were named after her."

Havyn says in a silvery voice, "What is the story?"

> newsdb:search events Enheduanna

[News #] [From]          [Subject]            [Snippet]
278      Anonymous       The Tale of Enhed..  ...wn as "[Enheduanna]". More r...
279      Anonymous       Nightmares           ...sed as [Enheduanna], the onc...
355      Anonymous       The Battle of the..  ...rns of [Enheduanna]. As foll...
Total results: 3

Shunsui Azon says, "I can't remember."

Shunsui Azon says, "Pretty sure she was an aldar though."


... and this comment for credits too xD



I like it

I'll give this a shot later.