Predator Limb Counter

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You'll have to find your own way to echo the information back to you, I put in with my prompt, but I know some people have different ways of doing things. So I'll leave that to everyone's own discretion. Anyhow, its pretty much just an import and run type situation. I'd look over the scripts section of it, to change any variables that need to be changed to match your own. Then go through and edit the triggers, aliases, and timers to match the new variables if any.

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Predator is what I chose when I played Imperian for a day

Did Defiler... will have to check this one out

i use the limb damage messages for mine, not sure if they had that back then though, very nice

has anyone posted anything not for mudlet?

Public limbcounters are great!

Now if only I had a need for a limb counter...

If only I had limbs.



Does it keep up with whether or not the limb attacks actually hit or does it just count the attempts?


Neat logic.