puts everything (herbs, inks, crystals, reagents, commodities, and ingredients) into your rift in succession

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Simple little script pieced together from various places that will put almost all riftables away with one single command.


If you reach the limit on a riftable it will just stop and wait until you manually put it away before continuing the sequence.


you can use either "inra" or "inr all" to excecute.

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This script is as described. It attempts to put plants, inks, commodities, reagents, ingredients, and crystals in the rift, waiting for a response for each attempt, success or failure, before continuing on to the next one. It looks like the script doesn't silence the responses, so if you don't have, say, any crystals, this script will always remind you of that.

Awww. Remind the perpetually poor that they are in fact, perpetually poor. How cruel. Great simple script.

One: You should make it so you can INR ALL, as well.
Two: Your thing doesn't put coltsfoot in automatically

Good to Note

For those of us that don't use crystals/perpetually have commodities out, it gets a bit more noisy than useful.

Very nice. May use it on my Achaean.

I'll try it. sounds useful, specially after exiting the arena..

I need to make one of these, great idea!

Now, to figure out how to use it with my Sable here...or why to use it...still cool, though. Props!

Sounds interesting. Might try it.

but I don't have that much of a problem with doing this manually?

free credit away.


Its a start and you can always take things out of the script that you don't use




This script saved me of a lot of trouble, specially after finishing arena matches! 

Carmain's does this for me, yay for lazy, everyone buy omnipave

Seconds saved here and there add up



I bet if you do a lot of harvesting or buying herbs this could be quite usefull.

Rift all the things \o/

But I didn't know about it untill fairly recently when I recieved a tip from my system about it.

But seriously great bit of coding. Much thanks!

if I didn't have svo, I would be all over this. Great script, though


Nice little thingie which helps, but doesn't offer a too big advantage. I like that...


Does the job.  Very nice.

Extremely useful.

hey, this is nice!