Quiver/Arrow Tracking - MUSHclient

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This trigger set helps keep track of the number of arrows for each venom in your quiver and shows you how many are left as you fire them. You'll need to INSPECT QUIVER at least once to initialize the variables.

Sample Output:

You draw your darkbow back and let fly an arrow in the direction of Target. (Curare - 74 shots remaining)
You are prevented from doing that by the magical shield around Target. (Curare - 73 shots remaining)

If you dye/envenom more arrows be sure to INSPECT QUIVER to keep things updated!

Right click on the link and click 'Save link as...' to download. You'll want to IMPORT this file from File > Import... > Import from: File... and select the file where you've downloaded it. Enjoy!

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You rock Ada!

Sooo useful!!

This is nice.





Awesmome, but I don't use MUSH...oh, well. Time to convert the script!


Inks tracker! Please!

What's MUSH?

A client. Like Zmud, Cmud, Mudlet & whatnot.

MUSH is a program to connect to achea or any of the other IRE games

Like Lusternia!