Re-ordering your clothes!

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I couldn't stand having clothes in the wrong order on my person. It doesn't handle jewellery and armour but works for everything else. Make sure to remove jewellery and armour before hitting 'rewear' XD


How to use:

IW - Sends INFO WORN and records your clothing

MOVEUP <item> - moves an item up in the order.  If you're wearing more than one of that item,  you'll need to specify the full item number,  i.e. cloak works if there's only one cloak, but  for something like rings, you'll need to specify  ring12345

MOVEDOWN <item> - moves an item down in the order

SHOWCLOTHES - Lists the current order of clothes

REWEAR <container> - removes all your clothes and  reorders them by placing them in the specified  container then taking them out again before  wearing everything back again

Just add it like any other package! Enjoy!

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Something for the obsessive compulsive in me to obsess over again.  Awesome.


I'll give this a shot tonight.  Thanks!


Best script ever. I am so OCD about this stuff