Run Lua code from the input line

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lua lua code - runs the Lua code and shows you the result

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This is brilliant. I use it all the time for debugging my horrible programming.

So helpful

Cause I needs the credits. :3 Also cause I like this script. This and the echo one.

Heh, created something like that for my own use in mush.

Indeed. This is incredibly useful.

It seems useful even though I am too much of a newbie in coding. Thank you very much.


That seems useful.

This is so very handy. From quickly trying out a piece of code to soft resetting a script that has gone haywire. Beats having to restart your client and put up all those defenses again!

Ahh, yes. Very nice.

Could not live without. Anyone writing their own scripts will soon find some use for this.


Mushclient is already pretty friendly for this but I've heard so many people having trouble with mudlet coding.

i have to agree. mudlet sometimes hangs on me, like a webpage that's waiting to have pictures loaded.



this is nice.

I love helpful code like this!

Awesome, thanks!



Thanks man

to learn code

This is really so helpful. Great work.

This is such a useful thing to have.



Lynara's does the same, no?


This isn't a new script btw, look at the post date. It's only showing up in the recent articles feed because people need random things to comment on.


Random thing to comment on!


this script saved me a couple times from much work.

This rocks.

so useful to be able to do this.

now i am curious as to what this script does and i must download it and experiment.



Great description, whats Lua code?

very interesting, I'm sure it will be useful

love this

thanking you profusely

boom I love this, started coding from scratch a few days ago and this is saving my life