Sample shooting alias

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This is an alias that will shoot in all possible directions. Feel free to replace 'shoot' with 'breathstream' and etcetera.

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This is more elegant than mine. Will try.

I like it. Useful for my grove lightning

Aye, will try too.


Clean script

Something very pleasing about a clean script :)


seems like there should be a penalty to spamming all directions, no?

It is Achaea after all

I'm sure you can do similar in Lusternia.

what class/skill?

Only for aiming for sniping.


If you modify this to be an aim/snipe script you will quickly find yourself without any endurance.

thanks for that!


Could at least make the note that they need to check wielding and arrow types/venom.


#alias noobsnipingalias {checkwielding;checkarrowtype;#forall @directionlist {snipe @target %i}}


Same thing for Z/Cmud.

Make something sicknasty for Shaman!

Just need bows now

reading gmcp ideas is useful to combine them into something else

Ah, cool cool.

I'll have to try this

should try this...

Wish I thought of it.

very nice


Need to make my aim shoot more efficient

I'm standing still over in Lusternia, hit me!

Now if only I had a bow to shoot with...

very cheap, those.


Another comment

Another credit

Good work!

I didn't realize no balance was needed, so would work.

Gotten so used to ctrl+1234.., way slick.


you need a razer mouse.

Hrrm. Doesn't work without a bow.

Love those samples...


I need a bow

Also need a bow :D

meteor arrows in dragonskin quivers please!

mudlet for me.

what artie is better for a BM?



just use sn <direction> not that hard...

pew pew