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Mud agnostic tabbed chat package. Original Lusternia forum post (as I play lusternia) can be found here:

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Pretty neat script

It's a useful one

Tabbed chats! Thank you!

love tabbed chat


Very nice! Thanks!


Tabbed chat is the best thing since sliced bread :D

Seriously the amount of stuff I'd lose in combattext spam without it is ridiculous.

Now to figure out how to make it work for Achaea

very useful! I can't live without it now..

I've ben looking for someting like this

and super useful... but it's for mudlet.

can't seem to make it work...

talk about mangos



I might start using mudlet just for this. 

One of the things I love most about our community is people's willingness to share their work with others and offer the ability to improve everyone's playing experience.


The tabbed chat has made my Lusternian life so much better, as I love being able to easily see what is being talked about, despite what I might be out busy doing.


Much appreciation!

Seconded! It's really something that differentiates the community.


Could not imagine life without a tabbed chat.

darned safari trying to open the file in a page. Easily solveable, but it was kinda funny

Always love tabbed chats

I gotta try this!

I shall check it out

I'll give it a go

Thank you!

Very not mangos





Good stuff. I need to work on making all my windows look like they belong. Guess that means more focus on graphics.


give it a try!

Thanks to everyone who commented in the positive. I don't think I'd consciously realized before yesterday there were comments on here.


If anyone has any questions about making the tabbed chat stuff work, I am cernlusternia at the There's been a newer version since this. I'll see about getting it updated here. 


too many places to try and maintain this, I think I may need to just host it on a website so I can just update the one spot whenever I update any of my scripts. 


Anyhow, happy to help folks have a more laidback MUD experience =)