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t thing - targets what you'd like to kill

kk - sample alias that will kick what you have targetted

kk somethingelse - sample alias that will kick not what you targetted, but something else

kk is a sample alias that you can use as a temple for all others - it shortens whatever you need to do, plus allows you to use it on another thing without having to retarget!

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now I can switch to mudlet

I always remember how difficult it seemed to do aliases, triggers and actually put them together to form some sort of targeting and bashing system when I first started playing MUD's, so it's always helpful to have something so basic that you can understand.

I still laugh about how overly complicated I made it seem to have an alias reference a @target variable ;)

I have something like this set up in zmud, but I can't figure out how to change the alias via the ingame input line. Any ideas anyone?



for just about any combination of aliases and triggers, no?


on another note, the link to the xml file doesn't seem to be working...


Helpful for learning how to script when you come to mudlet.

The page isn't working.. I can't get this!

I wanted to download this to give it a try because I'm so used to having a system in Aetolia and I feel naked without one, but when I click on it, it says it no longer exists... Which kinda makes me sad. Any recommendations for other systems for poor people like me...? Eheh..

Carmain/Mishgul has released his system Omnipave 3.0 for free. Should have a targetting system in that! :)