Who list group parser REQUIRES MUDBOT IMAP (see other post for non-imap version)

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Spams your screen with the output from WHO, then shows a list of all rooms containing more than one person.

Note: Be sure to download the version appropriate to you

NOTE: This only finds people without gems of cloaking and falls victim to chameleon tricks! It only parses the who list!
Syntax: whog
Spams your screen with the who list, parses it for groups, then outputs those groups (see picture below)
Syntax: find NAME
Usable after the list is populated in whog, this will show the group/room information for an individual
Syntax: alone
Usable after the list is populated in whog. Finds all individuals with no other people in their room. Useful for knowing who to gank. See note above!

Sample output can be found at http://forums.imperian.com/index.php?showtopic=9716&view=findpost&p=426371

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Mudbot is nice.

Looks interesting

too bad I don't have Mudlet


this will come in handy for me