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You can win 100 credits, for use on any text game, just for telling us why you love our MUDs! To enter this fantastic game contest of epic proportions you only need to do two things. It's as easy as that. Just explain to the world why you play our games, day after day, to the exclusion of all else! You can write about Iron Realms in general or a specific text game. On August 1st, I will select the top ten entries and award each character 100 credits in game. Make sure you are logged in as the character you would like receive the game credits on when you submit your testimonial. How will I judge those testimonials you ask? It will be a combination of grammar, spelling, and good old fashioned sucking up. So be sure to take some time, think about it, decide what you really, really, really like about Iron Realms text games, and then lay it on nice and thick. Can you enter more than once? Sure! Use other characters or focus on different topics in different posts. However, each character will only be able to win once. After all, we have to keep it fair! So get cracking, and good luck! See you in the game!

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Who cares?

People with nothing else to say(I'm one to talk though).

Decan can talk about why he hates Achaea.

A text game? What is that? That is what I asked myself when a friend introduced me to Imperian – seven years ago. I was skeptical about playing a MUD text game, but I was bored so I thought I would give it a try. At first, the game was so foreign to me I had no idea how to even communicate with other players. I was patient and soon several people were more than happy to help me on the path of being a regular player.

With the choice to place my character in one of several guilds and cities, I was captivated and taken into a world where creativity is stimulated through other players by way of warfare, politics, family, romance and unity. I found myself surrounded by like-minded individuals that were also inspired by the role play, the drama and the overall ability to originate a character that is unique to each player.

Unlike other games, the Iron Realm MUDs have been designed to let you make the deciding factors about your character by using your own imagination and creativity. There are 26 guilds to choose from and six different cities or councils, all contradictory in their beliefs with anti-magick, magick and demonic. Just like in the real world, everyone has their strengths, their weaknesses and their beliefs. Not everyone agrees with one another and with such strong convictions turmoil and chaos is inevitable.

Thieves, politicians, warriors, scholars, artists, herbalists, telepaths, knights and so much more is offered through Imperian. It is not just playing a game; it is interacting in a game with the ability to contribute with different trade skills that enable creatively by designing clothing, jewelry, food and more.

It sparks the creative mind to interact with other individuals to initiate a story; it is like composing a book that never ends, and your character is one of the main characters.

By entering into our game world, you don’t need a plan of action, you just need imagination.

I like the iron realms games because i'm allowed to play a flying creature which no other game can promice.

Iron Realms has managed to maintain my interest over the years because of constant improvement and innovation. Their ever-changing world keeps me guessing and coming back for more.


I second that seconding.


I third it....?

Thanks for saying it.



Why not?

The games are very in depth and entertaining. It's not hard but you do keep learning things the entire time you play.The player base is amazing also, everyone is helpful but doesnt hold your hand the entire time. I recommend it every chance I get.

Are the winners going to be announced or are credits just going to be distributed to those picked without mention of names?

Sorry for the delay, there are a ton of entries and I am still reviewing them all. I will post the winners here so everyone can see them!

Thanks for the update!

Shall I compare thee to a breakfast's bacon?

Thou art more salty and less fattening...

What is this? Shouldn't you have some dates for reference?

That would have helped

a testimonial of absolutely epic proportions!! I sure hope I win.

It says August so I'm guessing this was an old one, '11 maybe.

It would be nice to see the date of posts!!

For the original article and the replies. Please add dates!


Awww, I missed this somehow...

Damn. Missed it, I guess.

I am Bill Nighy, and I most certainly did not here of this!



missed it

Missed it as well. Maybe this could be organized again?

maybe it is yet to come

as usual!

I thought this article was going to say to post 100 comments.  Ha!

Great rewards come to those who are patient. Very patient. Like some years. Still, vial runes and other such small things are within reach for many now.

Yeah. Overall, a very good thing I think.

+1 NecroHatred

something like this again please!

One my way

Who won the last one?



Love em!

but if they put date stamps on the articles, then you wouldn't get that momentary thrill of seeing a "new" promotion!

oh god no.. I missed one more promotion again..! seriously people, put time stamps on articles at least, please...

Timestamps would be so terribly useful, especially for necros like these.


Thoroughly agreed.

Let me count the ways. There are several of them but I shall save listing them for my entry. Boy I hope I win! I could use 100 credits. 

I have a feeling that this is outdated, hmm..

Dang I missed that one. Would have been great to get those credits.



Yeah pity I noticed this now. :(


I missed it

Hmm, articles could use a date.

I missed it :(

Fiddlesticks. ._. I need to pay attention here more.

i missed this awesome event too! so sad

This stuff needs a date for when it was posted...


I really wish they had dates

Yeah. It'd be useful for things like this.


people love promotions.. more please

I'll submit one.

how long ago was this contest?

long enough. My guess is about a couple months ago

congrats to the winners

I can't believe I missed this!

darn, missed it

Weird.. I didn't realize there was a contest.

Hahaha, I missed it but I still entered a submission anyway! I love Iron Realms, everyone is nice and fun!

another article back from the dead?


wish I had cought this

i caught you anyway!

Necro the dead horse!

do another!

they should ask for more testimonials

Yay, contest.

there better be something like this again soon. and please announce it!

Seriously, old posts like this should be locked down, all it does is get peoples hopes up.

There are none left.

dates, and categories on these posts please. 

dates, and categories on these posts please. 

love seeing things like this randomly get bumped

this is so over


I'd do this if it was still a thing

I agree with people above, dates would be great, even on the posts

+1 to dates.

This is a one credit comment

kill this article...

This thread or mark it closed

Dates could be handy indeed.

free credits?

maybe just one :(

credits are always nice.



Just comment 100 times on this page and you're there!

need to date the articles?

No idea how old this is :-/

Date these things!