Credit and Lesson Bonus

Thats right all of the IRE text games are running a huge bonus sale on lessons and credits!

For the month of December we have pulled out the super famous lesson packages. Not only do you have access to these delightful items, but you also get a fantastic 20% bonus to them. What does that mean you ask? It means you get 2400 lessons instead of 2000 when you buy juicy looking package. Just think what you can do with an extra 400 lessons.

But wait! There is more!

We are also running a 20% bonus on all credit packages.

Can it get better?

Yes it can!

If you are an elite member, get a 30% bonus to all lesson and credit package purchases. Looking at the 2000 credit package? For the month of December, all elite members will get an extra 600 credits for a total of 2600 credits. That is really too good to pass up. In short, make sure you take advantage of these amazing bonuses as they are all scheduled to end on December 31st.


I realize this is an old article, but maybe you guys could put an actual date on these. I don't know about anyone else, but it would keep me less confused.

Yes, please. These type of things need dates.

Especially these. Zombieeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dates would really help.



Yes please that would be very helpful.



It does say December at the end. Maybe they'll do another this year and it will be current again.

with all of the above

maybe if we can find it on the site without a date they'll run it as an unending promotion

Meh. Not really a credit buyer anyway.

Lots of great options, and plenty of diversity for everyone is always wonderful to see.