Free Artifacts and Critical Hits

For the month of July we are running two, brand new weekly events across all the Iron Realms text games.

Every Tuesday you will be able to gather free, temporary artifacts being carried around by many of the creatures in the Iron Realms adventure games. For more information about the details specific to your favorite text game, pay close attention to the announce boards.

Thursdays have become Critical Hit days for the IRE MUD games and everyone will enjoy level 3 critical hit power. Just think about what that will do to your bashing power! Do you already have a nice critical hit bonus? No worries, this bonus will stack with your artifacts, giving you a pretty incredible critical hit bonus.

Combined with the constant lesson gain, July is shaping up to be a fantastic month to spend as much time as possible enjoying your favorite Iron Realms text game.


Oh my god, that is awesome.

I know it totally is! Tell all your friends!

Sounds very good! It'll be an easy way to tell if the new ToP artifact from mobs system will work or not as well. Hopefully MKO has some new artifacts for this one.

That's not fun..

This might mean I'll actually get closer to demigod


I really like the new events, and bonuses they are giving for hunting...

Kinda seems as if they are steering things towards bashing and away from PvP.

We have a hard time coming up with good PvP events, because we worry about people running around ganking newbs. However, we will probably try to come up with a couple weekly PvP events over the next few months as well.

Have there ever been PvP promotions? That would be neat.

Long ago though..

i think that's what the combat rankings are for.

This is absolutely awesome. I specifically bought some bracers of devastation just to compound the benefits, and wow, can I notice the difference. It certainly has made me think twice about leaving the game which I nearly did recently because of the lag issues we are having.

Glad you are enjoying it!

i sure am!

This will prove very enjoyable, and helpful to those who got smashed in recent raids! Time to level up again and smash back, just harder!

Man, I had a ball using that cubix that those bandits dropped running back and forth from Astral. I'm actually seriously thinking about buying one now!


Glad to here are are enjoying it. Make sure to let us know if there is anything that can be done to improve the system.


yeah...bring this one back!

Always a nice promo

Sometimes.. very annoying though

It broke the game, allowed me to be a noctu whore.


Now if they could just drop triple the gold as well...




They brought the crits back!

Nice! I might actually get Logosian quick-like, even with out the exp bonus!

..For the month of July? Sounds awesome, but I'm confused.

i think this article might be from -last- July.  They really do need to put dates on these articles.


Yes, please, to dates on the articles.

And comments. Dates on comments too. D:

I made this one before the article was posted!

That'd be nice.


Credit comment.

it sounds amazing, But also I wonder the dates as I have not seen anything in Achaea yet.

Heck yes.

I'll be happy. Artifact Bandits are pointless, but very, very fun.

artifact bandits?


What's next in Aug!?!

wait for it!

That is all! :)


credit comment!


Free credit!

Sign the petition for dates on articles!


Not the right year.


Bring this promotion back!! Best promotion/month ever!! 

half-wish this would come back with the crit thursdays, and the artie tuesdays being replaced by a month-long earning of an artie after 21 logindays or somethnig

credit comment, but yeah, what I just said here

Credit comment.

Oh this is old

Yep. Once again, would be nice if we could get some dates and timestamps! *glares at admins*

my credit goes here

is the best promo anyways



must... abuse... Wheel spins...


Guess I missed this one by a little.

Well, I was there, but there were so many people hunting.. it was hard to find anything.

I was there too, but under level 40. I couldnt kill as many denizens as I can now in one rl day to have an actual chance to have an artie drop..