Free Credits on Facebook

You can now get free credits just for sending out invites to all your friends on Facebook to try out the Iron Realms Text Games Application.

That's right. Iron Realms has been slowly working on testing our Facebook application. It will offer a slew of ways for your to earn credits and lessons. Our first feature will be to give you one bound credit for every friend you invite. Let's face it, some of you have a stupid amount of friends, you could get thousands of credits with this feature alone!

How hard is this you ask?

Answer: Super Crazy Easy!

Just follow these steps.

  1. Install the application by going to this page:
  2. Once installed click on the "Friends" link in the menu and then click on "Invite Your Friends", or just go here:
  3. You can invite up to 10 friends a day.
  4. You will instantly get 'Invitation Credits' as soon as you send your invites. It does not matter if they accept the invite or not.
  5. To distribute these credits to your characters go here:

We do not want to spam the heck out of people (Iron Realms hates all spammers!) so we have made it so you can get the credits ONCE for inviting someone. Keep in mind this is all in testing mode, so if you discover a problem please post your issues here, or on the forums located on the Facebook Application itself.


So far, it has only been allowing me to invite 3 people per day. Any idea why?

Yeah, I think IRE is cutting down to keep spammers from buying artifacts with their million credits :D

Meh, I only have like 100 friends on facebook anyway. It's no big deal, heh

It only lets me get 3 credits a day then sais I am out of invites. It will even remove the people i've already invited so I still have plenty of uninvited friends.

It only allows 3 invites at the moment. Just so you know IRE! (For those players out there, if you do keep at trying to invite 3 at a time, it does work after a while, just need patience)

Just only in groups of 3-4

I never pester my friends on facebook, and they always pester me. Maybe this will wake a few people up to what a real game should be, and it's always nice to get creds in the process, no matter how slow it is!

Thanks for finally advertising this, I heard about this program but couldn't find it.



wasn't it axed like a long time back? I remember being able to do it for maybe a week. then it just wasn't working.

I thought so too

they need a date on this articvle

Maybe they moved it to MySpace...

All the posts need dates.


Posted by Me on 07 May 2012 at 21:07 AEST


Bring it back!!



Yes, no there is enough time wasted on that horrible place.

I can't get it loaded.. :(

I hate facebook.


This doesn't work for me. Has it gone?

The app doesn't even load with HTTPS, and when I load it insecurely, I can't get it to work properly.


Same problem!

It sounds like they stopped it because people started abusing the system after an article here encouraged them to.

Is this an article from the grave?

I miss this promo.  What sucks is that not only did they stop it, but they took away any credits you hadn't been able to transfer over yet. I had 200+ waiting to be transferred and lost all of them when they shut this down.

The only time not denying friends requests came in handy.

Haha, maybe just an account for this. ;)


i am not joining facebook for some credits though it is tempting

*holds a mini funeral* that's sad, but at the same time, I can understand why they took it away.

I am not on Facebook!

It is too bad they axed the FB thing.  Too bad, also, is that we've been left in the dark about it while the app and this article remain.

A simple solution would be to actually date the article and comments.

Please have dates on articles! Would be extremely helpful!


.. go so far as to give it +2 if we got date stamps.


These articles REALLY need dates.


You and 7,359 other people like this.

Really  thought the brought it back for a moment

I actually had two friends actually logon and try it out, but the interface (versus a client) through FB was unwieldy for them.


Don't care about the dates on articles as much as dates on the replies -- a lot of articles may have their uses and importance but the comments are completely unnecessary after a certain amount of time.

Not at all surprised when the facebook stuff was axed

Losing what you already had when they axed it was a crappy thing to do.  At least give us what we had.  Horrible to just axe it like that.  Furthermore, did you expect that the system WOULDN'T be abused.  C'mon guys.


Agree. An article was even published on this site explaining just how to abuse it.

Everytime I try to access the IRE app on FB, it just brings up a blank FB page. Contact links and such are still there, but absolutely no content. I half-believe I've been blocked from the app, as no one else seems to have trouble.

Not cool, this no longer exists!

Everyone loves free credits.

You know, if the app doesn't even work, they should just edit the entire article to state just that, not sure who has that authority though.


Agh, I thought it had come back from the grave.

Too bad

I would love it if they did bring it back. Then I could imitate that 'Wise fwom youw gwave!' voice in the Genesis version of Altered Beast.

/want, I still have 100 credits I never got to transfer.. they should have disallowed new invites and allowed the old ones to carry over, since they were already sent.

I only have a handful of friends on FB, but still, I coulda got 30 some crs from this if only I had known. Alas, poor free stuff, I barely knew thee.

Yeah. Sucks to have missed this.

Even if my friends' list is somewhat lacking.

Sad i missed it ):

Ah, well.

Woo! FB = SHIT

I miss these credits!

almost as easy as this

sweet, lets try this out!


oh.. sad.. not working any more..

I miss it... but hey, still free credit. -does free credit dance-

especially credits, but I don't facebook.

Best promo to date!


Best abused promo to date!

Needs to be more of them.

Subu loves free creds!

Subu loves free creds!


Couldn't get it to work.


Let the credits flow!

I miss this...

can't see it=(

I can has credit too?

One for your comment :P


I want my credit!

Wish the new forums would give us some free credits... every so often this website throws out ERROR 404 when I try to get my freebies

never had that error here, but agree for the forums. 

it would be better. here we keep commenting the same articles.. in the forum we can have discussions and a bigger pool of threads.

No soup for you!

would be nice, how do new articles get started anyway? Can anyone start them or do the "gods" have to start them?

bring it back :(

I agree!

only got like 30 credits before it was shut down :(

Moar free credits!


come back FB credits :(


Guess I missed out on this one.

It was nice while it lasted


it sure was.

I miss this so much. 

Sad it's ended

Yeah. Annoying friends for credits was more effiicient than commenting for credits.


Good thing it's ended, Boykott Facebook

There used to be so many free credit and lesson promotions, now we NEVER have them anymore :( Although I am a crazy hunter and the experience bonuses did me much good, not everyone can really benefit from that, some people are not hunters and prefer free credits! Like this one I will get for posting this!

There used to be so many free credit and lesson promotions, now we NEVER have them anymore :( Although I am a crazy hunter and the experience bonuses did me much good, not everyone can really benefit from that, some people are not hunters and prefer free credits! Like this one I will get for posting this!

is this no more?

This is no more.

meh pretty sad they removed this