Game Art from Iron Realms

One of my favorite things about our free games are the fantastic pieces of art from our MUDs. These images depict the unique scenes and races from our games. Over the next few weeks we slowly compile the entire Iron Realms art library onto this site, allowing you to behold everything our games have to offer in one place. Isn't that fantastic?

Chris Bourassa has become Iron Realms goto man for all of our game art, and we will initially focus on moving his high quality images to the site for your enjoyment.

You can view all of the game art here.


Are we likely to see Aetolia getting this kind of artwork anytime in the future, because these are wonderful .

Oh Chris and your fantastic, heavily Lusternia-centric artwork <3

his later works are more streamlined and smooth, though.

That's for sure. Most of the characters are even shaped to reduce frontal wind resistance.


But the tae'dae's pretty dope looking, among others on the Lusternia page. I like how he does the anthropomorphic creatures.

not that I don't enjoy Bourassa's work, but more artists would be nice for the sheer frequency of art they could accomplish

alot of great artists already. At least Aetolia still has the bardic system active and lots of people are really good.

Would be interesting to see someone else's take on the game, how they imagine the gmae to be.

there's also the artisanals that have (by now) massive collections of player-generated artworks for each (i think?) game.

At least for lusternia!

Yay! I like Chris' work!

It is by all means, awesome.



Outstanding. See how easy it is to continue on this road! ^^

And why do we need somebody else to show us what the world looks like in the MUD game?  Don't we suppose to use our own imagination?  Isn't the use of our own imagination the main attraction of MUD games?  What differentiate us from the graphic games?

Attempting to flood us with a very specific view of one artist makes no sense to me.

I don't think it's so much to force a view down our throat. I recall when I was starting off MUDs I had no idea what to imagine when I looked at a Grook, Horkval, Tsol'aa, etc. I'm actually very thankful that there are people who display their artwork and their views of what the text world looks like.

I must admit at times I have 'seen' these pictures instead of the characters I am actually talking to when in an interaction, but it's my own fault that I didn't differentiate the two.

gonna hate..

Awesome work!

Does he freelance? I want my characters drawn..

There are some great pieces of work being done here. The great thing about our games being text is everyone has freedom to imagine the various creatures how they want to.

I look forward to seeing this gallery.

Great work, Chris!

I'd like to see more art centering on places, like the forests or city landmarks.

just look at the artisanel works you get sometimes!

I want to see midkemia art all fantastic! And I love how the art and website graphics for each game have their own flavor!