Game Auctions Galore!

The free to play MUD games of Aetolia, Imperian, and Lusternia, and Midkemia Online have all started a week long auction of some great items you can bid on from within the game.

Many of the items in the game auctions are unique and it may be your only chance to ever capture one of these bad boys.

Here are the announce posts you can read for more information from each game.

You can win these virtual items by bidding credits or with in game gold. Read the announce posts for assistance in how to view these special items from within the game itself. The auctions all end on Saturday!


Achaea needs auctions too!

Achaea had one last month. They jumped the gun a little.



I am a bit upset as the Achaean auctions were not as advertised as this one, I missed it because of this.

We will certainly be having more auctions for our text games in the near future.

I love auctions. I'm hoping that Achaea will auction off more out of sub plots someday, and that I'll actually be able to afford it when the time comes.

Sounds like fun!

...the prices climb so fast, and who the hell has 10000 credits to bid for something?


People who have either been playing for ever or have money to dump into it

This is a lot of RL money! I am not sure if I will be interested in auctioning ever.

I think at least one of the auctioned things had such a price, though.


I like to see the different items and what they do even if there's no way I'll ever be able to afford theem.

Oh, to be rich..


I want something unique.

mee too





Auctions. Meh.

Not really my thing, either.

I won phantom mask with a joke bid. I bid one credit above the asking price. Never regretted it though. :P

Is this another one of the old dateless articles?

Good question.

Wonder why they don't remove them.


You have to bid credits in the remove out of date posts auctions to get this removed.

Still get's you a free credit for responding.



Most articles don't really need a date, but these that are specific to a bonus going on at a certain time should have a date reference somewhere. Then again, if you follow the links to the several game news posts you'll see it's from July 2010.

Dafuq. Got all excited.

I know it's only been ten years, but when will the next Achaean auction be? *

Get rich in fake money.



profit indeed!