Google Extension

In conjunction with our first ever Firefox toolbar, we have now released the official Iron Realms Chrome extension.

You can get right to the good stuff here:

This extension hosts the following features for authenticated game players:

  • Users can log into the extension with their character credentials.
  • Links to their characters in game profile.
  • Reports unread messages from the game
  • Allows users to read messages, news, and logs from the web site.
  • Reports when new game news has been posted.
  • Displays the number of online players in the characters text game.
  • Links to the flash and nexus clients
  • A nifty button that instantly votes for your favorite text game.

Unfortunately, because of the way Chrome does extensions, we were not really able to find a good way to put in the game feed. 

For more information, instructions, and support visit this page:

If you have any problems or would like to report bugs, go ahead and post them in the comments on this page.



First of all, the Chrome extension's looking GREAT -- Chrome's my browser of choice, so it's nice to have the toolbar at home AND at work (on Firefox).

Second, I noticed on clicking the Announce link that it's passing my login and password in plain text in the url -- *shudder*. I'd much prefer that not to be the case. Instead, you could pass a token of some sort unique to my session or account-in-general, just as a thought....

Fantastic job, guys, regardless -- keep it up!

- John

Yeah, we are changing that this week.


Midkemia Online won't sign in and is throwing this error:
XMLHttpRequest cannot load Origin chrome-extension://dmlneoclpnmicemijpdenfoljpcemfol is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.
Tested it on Lusternia with a test character and that worked perfectly. Also, the Firefox extension doesn't have a problem logging into Midkemia.

This is already fixed, please install the newest version of the extension.



I love this extension. I like being able to check in on things even when I can't actually log in to the game. 

i love it as well.

But I really love it.

Very nice!


I love Google, too, but I don't understand why people use Chrome.




i'd love chrome more if it has the live feed that firefox has.

wow. another way to feed the addiction

but it's clumsy and won't let you skip to later news..