IRE Game Anniversary Credits!

All Iron Realms text games are currently running a 20% credit sale to celebrate our 13th year anniversary.

Thats right! The Iron Realms text games all began 13 years ago with a little place we like to call Achaea. It is amazing how far we have come over the years. IRE is now the most prevalent text game company on the internet. To celebrate our anniversary this year, we are running a 20% credit bonus on all game purchases until August 15th. Don't forget, if you are on the Elite Membership that will be 30% bonus to all game credit purchases for the next month an a half. This is just the beginning of the celebration. Watch for tons of exciting activities across all the Iron Realms text games as September rolls around.

Here are links to the game announce posts:

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August 15th... so another celebration is coming up!


Gotta love these!



wow, only one comment in a two year old article about promotions.. 

come on people, we like promotions, dont we?

It would help if dates were added to articles and comments.


I cannot agree with this enough. 

Ugh, yes please


How many times do we have to ask?


More times, apparently.


None at all!


Yes it would help a ton! Either that or I need to pay a little more attention. One of the two would be a little helpful.


It's good though!

please, this.

Well its almost August - it could be current


eager to know what's in store for the monthly promo AND the yearly celebrations!

30% is rather nice. 

Very nice indeed.

Wonder what August promo would be. Crits and/or double xp days please!! Or cred/day.

Those articles are getting more and more bizarre.  In this case the timelessness of it..

On a positive note, thank you for clearing a bit the left margin of our comments.  I no longer see Hasar's of Achaea picture with Hasar of Achaea, just a nice silhouette above his name.

Without a date these articles are correct once a year.

The 13th aniversary only comes around once.

Are you absolutely sure?

I actually was tricked by this one for a second. Woohoo, bonus credits sounds good. But no, it's out of date. Lusty announce 1613? We're on 2038 now :(

You guys should do lesson promos again. Pretty please?

That'd be great.

Maybe if I bought credits, they'd add timestamps to the articles... nah.

i want the credit per day for logging. not the 1 lesson per 10 minutes for a max of 10 lessons in 100 minutes, though. wow, that was a mouthful...

Hehe, I want it as well!

Wow happy anniversary IRE! Great games you have put out.

Plz add timestamps

Why on earth aren't there any date's attached to these articles?


That is a mystery we may never understand.

Hm this is a bit outdated..well its almost august again though

Need more credits

Yay credits.

Need more free credits.


I was excited for a moment there.

that's a 70% bonus. I cashed in at the very beginning.

august's just around the corner. can't wait.

Very nice. Now if only I had money

There isn't enough cash!!


+1 to date stamps.

dates would be nice please


Will be interesting to see if they do anything special since it is 15th anniversary this year.

I love them

Still no dates on the articles.


I would have enjoyed this

I wonder how old this article is, really

even a broken calendar is right once a year... that's how that saying goes, right?