Iron Realms Text Games Facebook App Beta Test

Iron Realms text games have been dabbling with Facebook Applications for some time now, but we have finally put together a serious application to help introduce people to our text games.

We are fairly close to being done with the text games application, but we need a little help squashing the remaining bugs, cleaning up the text games interface, and smoothing it all up.

This is what you need to do in order to help us out.

  1. Install the Iron Realms Text Games Application by visiting this page:
  2. Click on the discussion link in the menu ( read all about the Text Games Application and what you can do to help us out.

There are two benefits to installing the Iron Realms Text Games application (although these features are turned off until the testing is done)

  1. Free lessons for your characters while you are playing. You do not need to play via Facebook, you just need the Text Games Application installed.
  2. Free credits for inviting friends. However, they do not need to accept, you just have to invite.

Enough said! You can get all the rest of the important info right off the Text Games Application discussion boards.



I miss thiiiis, I had 13 more friends to invite! :P

Same. It was such a nice way to get credits.


So do I. Now I can't even get the app to open. all the links are broken. I had some 200+ more credits waiting.:(

Friend me!

Will check it out

I would appreciate a mobile version of this and the official website or an android app to check them and leave comments in an easier way.

Is this an old article being bumped up again or what? So annoying there are no dates on it.

this may get me back to facebook


I am not really into facebook but I may start.


Cross-game achievement rankings? If this isn't just an old post that could be interesting.

please put this back on! PLEASE!