Last Day for Lessons

Today is the last day you can purchase those deliciously delectable lesson packages for our text games.

Take advantage of Iron Realms most popular game promotion of all time in the next couple of hours, because this will not be coming around again for several months. The promotion will end at midnight GMT today! This will be your last chance to really power up your text game character by boosting those MUD game skills that much closer to transcendency.


And I was going to get my paycheck tomorrow :'(

We will have to come up with something for you!

Aww, oh well.








I still think these posts need date stamps.


Placed an order!

I always get so -tense- whenever I order something on the net, I am afraid it somehow messes up. It has been 30 minutes since I placed the order and the Lessons still have not arrived. I know they will probably be here soon, but it is just so hard waiting :P

Yeah. I feel the same way every time.


don't we all?

Was pay day for me also, so I missed out! It was such a good deal as well.

Sad Alc is sad!

Credit sale is running for all the games now though! Woo Credits!

Not for Aetolia. (yet?)


Aww its ending


I was going to buy one too

No money.

Interesting idea.

I would have preferred lesson packages over the credits I bought a while ago. :C

I thought the lessons were on sale until the 15th???

Cause it helps to have new blood on the battlefield. More skills, more competence. Welcome, graduating class of Feburary.

Maybe there will be more packages like this one later!

I hope so!

Hope the next promo is good!

I'm sure it will be. I'm also looking forward to 1st of april, wonder if it beats last year's joke.


Ditto, can't wait to hear about next month's promo. :)

always look forward to the lesson package promos

I hadn't realizd those were going on. Ah well, next time

The woodpecker sighed.

Alas, it is too late for lessons.

Bring back FB credits please?

You wish.

Too late...

I also miussed out on FB credits :(

For future reference, just what was this lesson deal again?

More people against FB!

Never Fear !!

Anything that provides more players and more people doing time in the game is a good thing!

There should be a date on these things :P