Lesson Packages Return!

The most popular Iron Realms promotion of all time has returned to our MUD games. Starting now, and running through the entire month of July you can purchase lessons directly from the website of your favorite game. The most exciting part of this game promotion is the insane pricing. The cost compared to credits is simply amazing. Save your credits for other things and get your lessons right now, instantly.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to create a new character on your favorite text adventure game and get them up to speed in no time at all. Why mess around with the credit market and converting credits when you can just get what you want right now?

Lots of lessons on your favorite games.

Jump on it quick, because this sale ends on July 31st, and will probably be the last time we run it this year for the IRE games.

Buy them right now from your favorite IRE game. Just click below.





This promo is very cool. I would have loved to have it before I transed, though. perfect opportunity to  trans your mini skills though. It really is an awesome deal. I wish it were a permanent sale, though.


I've been spending any lessons I get on credits anyways. Items can wait.

The promotion is pretty great, I hope to try and take advantage of it now that it's back again

Wish it was around years ago when I could have taken advantage of it!

Hard to imagine being omnitrans.

I do love this promo.

These are great!

Would love to buy some lessons. Can't afford to though oh well.

I do like this promo

Lessons..sooo...gooood! Makes transing skills soooo much cheaper..


wish I could get some!

I love these!

Perfect for skillflexing! Now I can learn all my specializations!

I could do that

Omni-trans ftw!




Though I have little use for lessons now other than learning a completely new class or brushing up miniskills. :/

Good way to get people to get a few extra lessons without having to buy a bunch of credits.

Trans alot of skills, but I know a player that has to many lessons to count. and He's transed every skill he has.





the time for lesson packages to mean anything to me is long past. However, I do appreciate this promotion. Others need to be brought up to speed.

Why are they always on sale when I'm broke? :(

When are these coming again?

Bringy backy!

Now to get a Endowment of the Arts. So I can have 2 trades up

I wish.


If this is till the end of July, why has it stopped?

Because it was posted last year probably.

This 'site needs more timestamps. Timestamps everywhere.

I wish it was out years ago :(

Meh. I prefer credits anyway. Then there's the option.

you all had me excited for lessons! I wanted my new tert trans instantly :(


Me too


Come on, pleaseee. Timestamps??


wish i could spare a few bucks for this promo...

Timestamps on articles. I got all excited for nothing

Tell me about it..

Tell me about it..

Definitely old, but we need another one!

lessons are good!

need a job


money, the bane of my life


Lesson packages rock, love to see them on a semi-permanent basis...




More lesson sales, kthxbai



I never bought lesson package before. Just a ten cr one for permanency

another one of these

these articles need dates on them.  especially when they are to announce events/promotions.

Couldn't agree more.  It's so incredibly frustrating to not know what's current, and what isn't.

Dates would be nice, but I stopped taking those 'articles' seriously long time ago.

Oh boyyy

Need this in Achaea..


Totally forgot about the lesson thing.

feel about lessons. Like it's something they used to do but have to reason to now

is this current?

I hope

Havn't noticed that yet. Great event



6 lessons :)



Bring them back! I waaaaant them!

Great way to kick off the new year

though, no money..

Too bad I can't use any more lessons yet. I would like to stack some up for when I can use them again though.

It says it ends July 31st. Either that is a long sale or this promotion ended 5 months ago.

We just like resurrecting old comments to mess with people.

goodness, why don't they just put dates on these things already?

timestamps and mobile website version please!!

^ what he said, please. ^

Oh this is old

Bringy backey.


Old post