The New IRE Game Website

Iron Realms Entertainment is proud to release its brand spanking new website!

Welcome to the new Iron Realms website! We hope you enjoy it. Built from the ground up using the Drupal CMS, this baby is far superior to our old site. With the ability to quickly add new features we can provide everyone with a better, smoother MUD gaming experience.

For example, you can log into the site using your character name and password from any of the Iron Realms fantasy games. Once logged in players can instantly begin playing games via the flash or Nexus clients with the click of a button. We have been able to collect all of our game art and screencasts into a single place. You can read all of your characters game news and messages right from the site. You can reply to people who have messaged you in the game, directly from the website. People have even been bewitched with the game feed on the front page.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Look for more game features and interactivity in the near future.


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I'm really enjoying the new website. Is there a way to possibly limit the live updates on the main page, to just your game?

I love the messaging system. That way I can take care of business while at work!

True, that message thing is wonderful!



a decent update


the messaging system is really handy when i'm eagerly awaiting a message from someone, but i don't want to have to login and deal with everyone else for that short moment to check them.

People do seem to really like that game feed on the front. We will work on adding a few new features to it. Limiting it by game will be high on the list.

I really love it personally.

I agree, it is clean and easy to find what it is you want to.

any news on this, almighty?

The new site is great! Definitely a wonderful idea. I love how I can read the in-game news. However, like Batang said, it would be great to limit the live feed to just your game(s) of choice.

I just realized that there's not an input box to read a specific news post when you're in a section of the news. That's the only other thing that I can think of to make this any better. I realize that one could just alter the URL, as the news post is the last item in the URL, but that's difficult to do when browsing from a phone.


Thanks for the feedback. We will add that to the list of consideration for the next update.

Yes that would be nice I didn't think about that.


About browsing from a phone, do you plan to release an app or a phone layout for this site to read news, messages and suchs? It would be great 


A phone app would be awesome

There is a client, at least for Android (believe iPhone as well) but it only lets you log into the game. I wish it would get site functionality added to it, for those times you don't have access to the browser toolbar.

in due time!

The android client is neat, but I wish there was a way to adjust the text size of the game. So small, hurts my eyes.

As a web designer, I salute you.

yes, it looks great!

quick to navigate

I love how its laid out. The news feed is great along with being able to read news and messages from the site. Only other thing I'd like to see added is being able to read logs to.

I'd much prefer something akin to the world of warcraft Armory, whereby I can see my character's stats, attributes, etc, and public properties of other characters such as their honor rolls, delineated by guild, city, etc...

Honestly, i don't even remember the old site anymore. I do miss the old, though.

Y'all can do no wrong, you are always improving. Truly amazing. Thank YOU


how do i access the new game website?

I am Bill Nighy, and I think -this- is the new game website? I could be mistaken, though...


It probably is. Why do I sometimes see the same deathsight or level gained many times in a row? Fix please?

Thank you!


I like it too. Especially the artwork and the introduction to all the different games.


What if there were a drop down menu under "play now" that let you select which platform you wish to use instead of having to select play now and then select nexus?

A TMS vote button for each game would be cool too!

yes, a vote button.

The new site is nice. Good work!

Looks nice.

I don't want to see marketing summaries of IRE games when I'm logged in to the site. I want my message/news links back again. kthx.

Agreed. Prettier but less functional.

The front page of the site is no longer as functional as it used to be.

kinda nice

it could use some work here and there

I love this new site!

Looks great.

She is pretty, no?



It's pretty and all, but more of a pain. I don't like not seeing the news, or messages on the front.

Can't find it ... :/

I am Bill Nighy, and the new website's a bit... Meh.

some things could be improved.. like an easier way to get to the articles..

How about a blank login screen as the home page, and then once I do login, that's the time all the specific game artworks are shown?

What happened to the social buttons? I see a facebook one at the bottom, but that's it. G+ seems to have been done totally away with. Is this an oversight?

Another thing: There's no lnger a way to see how many people are playing at any given moment. That was one of my favourite features.

Seconded. Why do logged in players not get to see useful info like this on the main page, instead of telling us about all the games. I think we know that already!

And I'm sure that good ideas will be used to make it even better.

I didnt really know the old one, but very good.

Need an easy to find link to check in-game messages while on my phone. I know the url, but typing that is a pain in the ass.


usually old is better than new, but in this case we have an exeption. Keep up the good work

Thanks for the feedback. 

I am working on getting the unread messages, online count, and the other things mentioned back on the page so that they are easier to access for you soon.



Thank you!

The articles are hard to find in the new setup.

It's very nice though I've only started digging around through these articles stuff a few days ago.


I liked the old one.

I'm liking the new look, wonderful work!

I think the new ite is much improved and I look forward to seeing what new improvements will be added.

I am really enjoying the look of the new site




nice job, but would be helpful to connect the 'search' tab on the right of the webpage to the help files of the realms of the character connected. 

I think it's okay.

It looks nice!

It seems easier to use than the old one

The recent changes to the site have made it a little inconvenient to comment. Would be nice to get a direct feed to articles on the main page.

Still finding my way around the new website

I like this


lets me read news on my blackberry... can't compain about that when constantly awaiting it!


i'm still waiting on seeing my message summary on the homepage...

I'm loving aetolia so far

wooo credits

I like it and now that the forums are linked correctly on google search its both nice to see and friendly to use

well, i do like how it features all fives games on the homepage.

I am begging, as an improvement to the site, please please please add dates to the articles! and add more articles!

Both excellent ideas.


Thank you messaging system. I no longer have to log in ever to do anything ever. 




How come they decided not to give us free credits on the other website anymore? It was easier to comment there, this site is rather buggy. Anyways, I know I am just a little credit hoarder, but I needs me my free credit a day, knawhatahmsaying!

i know what yer saying!

Looking forward for a mobile version of the website.

ditto. would definitely be useful.

Liking it so far, but, I dunno what the old one was like to compare it to.

Adding dates to the articles and maybe even the comments would be really very super helpful

credit comment

So far so good.

Good, indeed!

Liking the new sites so far

It keeps getting better.



I like the new site, but I kinda miss the old one.