Official Game Firefox Toolbar

As promised we have been feverishly working toward busting out new ways for you to interact and play our text games. The first of these new game systems is finally here.

For those that use the Firefox browser, we have just released a beta version of our toolbar. You can download and install the add-on from here:

The game toolbar has a several features right now. Here is a pretty extensive list of what you can find.

  • Users can log into the toolbar with their character credentials.
  • Links to their characters in game profile.
  • Reports the number of unread messages from the game and allows users to read them from the web site.
  • Reports when new game news has been posted on a board the character has access to.
  • Reports when an update has been made to a game log and allows the user to access them.
  • Displays the number of online players in the characters text game.
  • Displays the game feed for the authenticated character.
  • The items displayed in the game feed may be configured. For example, maybe you only want to see player deaths, or new arena events from the game.
  • Links to the flash and nexus clients, allowing the user to login instantly from the toolbar.
  • A nifty button that instantly votes for your favorite text game.
  • A configuration page that allows the user to set exactly which buttons and items display on the toolbar.
  • Users can configure if they would like the toolbar to open links in a new tab or the currently active tab.

Don't see something you think should be included? Just comment below to give us your suggestions.

If you have problems figuring it out, you can check out this page:

Now, I am sure you are dying to give us your ideas, feedback, bug reports, and all of that. Please do so right on this page. Just put all your problems, issues, and suggestions right in the comments section on this page. 


I love how when I click News, it brings a drop down menu saying which section(s) have new posts. Can we get this feature applied to Logs as well, instead of it opening a window and you don't know exactly which log has new information?

Right now it is not possible because of the way we store logs in the game. Which is why it just zeros out when you click on the log button. However, if this becomes a popular request we may go for it. The problem being that we would have to recode how we do logs on all of the games.

As a software engineer, I'd like to offer my help in any way I can. The Air Force keeps me moderately busy, but I can help out for four to five hours per day on average.

I absolutely love this. It'll be helpful when I'm busy on FF and not paying attention to the game.

It is all part of the IRE master plan to dominate every aspect of your life.


You guys are tremendous! Thanks so much for all of the hard work put into the toolbar - it was well worth it!

Great extension. It would be awesome to be able to choose which sections of news are displayed, so if I wanted to ignore poetry I could just deselect it and it would go away.

Yeah, that is something on my list to add. Thanks for the reminder.

This turned out pretty nice. Good job! Now when can I expect this goody for Chrome? :)

One thing though - why not work horizontally instead? The current setup steals way too much height of my browser. If you could position the addon in the status bar or besides the address field, I'd have nothing but love left for it.

Yeah, Chrome please.

I actually already have a chrome version installed on my computer. We are just working out the bugs.

I love this, I was able to check my stuff even when my computer wouldn't let me log into Achaea this morning. I give it a ten out of ten.

Randomly after some time (hour or two?) the total bar seems to stop working. The live feed stops showing updates and the buttons seem to not work. (if I do have a second window open, the buttons will work and go into that second window if clicked, but again, nothing updates as it should). Restarting firefox fixes although...until it happens again.

and Idea: I would like it to update my stuff IG if I check here, if I read the news or check messages via the toolbar, it still shows them as 'unread' in game

Hrm, it should be marking them as read. We will look into the problem.

Any chance we can get this set up based on registration email per game, so the ally events (etc) will fire for allies of all characters?

I imagine that would require quite a bit on the backend to unify characters to an account, which itself might take modifying the game code, but would be handy.

Yes, that is on our list to do. Basically you would have to login to the toolbar with multiple characters, but it is on the list to do.

It says invalid password, but I'm entering the same information I enter on the game and on the site to log in. Any thoughts?

I realized that my firewall is stopping traffic to more than likely. If there were a way to have it use it would work. Perhaps in the future. Heh.

Can't wait to give this a try!

And Dryeck and Sohl both had good ideas...I second both of them

I've had to reinstall the toolbar on several occasions to get the API to continue to run, it seems to freeze up after a bit and not even restarting the browser resolves it. Also, it appears that the feed for news is a little behind the actual feed.

We will look into this problem on Monday. I have seen a couple of people mention this.

Or did I do something wrong?

It does work in Ubuntu. What exactly happens when you try to use it?

There is NO response when I click "Login" button


would this ever be avalible for internet explorer users?

If it remains hot for Firefox, then we will do an IE version. I am told an IE version will be very painful to create for my poor little coders, but we must entertain the masses!

Error that displays when pulling the news going to the /gamefeed page:

  • warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /var/www/ironrealms/html/includes/ on line 44.
  • warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: A link to the server could not be established in /var/www/ironrealms/html/includes/ on line 44.
  • warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /var/www/ironrealms/html/includes/ on line 44.
  • warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: A link to the server could not be established in /var/www/ironrealms/html/includes/ on line 44.
  • warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /var/www/ironrealms/html/includes/ on line 44.
  • warning: mysql_get_server_info() [function.mysql-get-server-info]: A link to the server could not be established in /var/www/ironrealms/html/includes/ on line 44.

Okay, we will take a look at that. Can you give us a little more info? What operating system, etc?

I've tested it across Vista, Win 7, and XP, as well as across Chrome, FF, and IE 8. All give the same error.

Would it be possible to either open the source up, or expose the server end as a web service? I'm loving the toolbar, but I'd love to access the functionality in other ways, too. Things like being able to schedule automated log backups (instead of orgs having to remember to have someone log in at least once a week, and save them, clean them up, etc, you could just have a weekly automated task that does it for you), or compile posts into a more easily searchable format...possibly also some nefarious uses, which may or may not be good ideas to expose (I'm thinking primarily the who is logged on list, of the existing functionality. Compiling data on people's login habits could lead to overly effective raids, or people getting popups to alert them when a target they wish to PK logs on, etc. Though pretty much all the functionality exposed at the moment was complained about when the idea of a toolbar was proposed three years ago, so I dunno how much that means).

At any rate, it's something that I think would be really useful, and (presumably) would not involve much additional work on IRE's end.

This is planned, yes.

Personally, a feature I'd love to see them implement with the who is the ability to filter between City/House/Church/Order members and enemies. Technically with CMud I can datamine all the names in game, and then using the API twist it up so it does all that myself, but if I could be a little lazy it'd be great! ;P

With the toolbar if you're reading the news posts and hit next at the last post, it shows a -1 for the count for that section, so right now I'm looking at -4 posts on my bar.

Would it be possible to add a tab or display that shows the current date and time in Achaean?

That error could be for any number of misconfiguration problems, but at a minimum, I'd let your web dev know to turn off error display for the production site -- introduces too many vulnerabilities.

Great job on the toolbar, however, and the site in general!

- John

I reinstalled it several times.

The "login" button is not responsive in the toolbar.

Yes, my cookies are enabled.

I tried various configurations in Preferences.

I have no problems with login into the Main Website.

It does not matter if I'm logged into the main site or not, The IRE bar is dead.

I would appreciate some help here as it looks like a great Add-On.

I will get Tomas to look at your problems ASAP.

The messaging function doesn't work for me through the toolbar, or on the IRE site as a whole. The toolbar will tell me when I have unread messages, but it won't show my inbox (saying it's empty even when it's not, or when the toolbar has said I have new messages) or allow me to send messages. A pity, because it's really the only reason for me wanting the toolbar. Maybe it's just an MkO problem, or maybe just me.

Having the new logs notification somehow highlight which log had new entries would be nice, too.

Yeah, this is an MKO problem. I will have them fix it right away.

The online WHO lists both on respective websites that have it (Imperian) and the toolbar pages now here on don't seem to abide by possession of the Gem and Veil artifacts, and I happen to know for a fact there are people who metagame and use them to track down people who have those artifacts (such as myself), and its not really a form of metagaming you can prove.

Perhaps the page could be changed to be like this?

Person1, Person2, [...] and five hidden people.
Total: 70 players online.

Or something similar. Thanks!

The new listing on and in the toolbar does take the cloaking gems into account (though not the veils, as their purpose is a bit different). It also honors chameleon tattoos, and will not show people who are off-plane. That is why the number of listed people will usually be lower than the total number shown at the end.


The list at indeed suffers from the problems listed, and we will be removing it at some point in the future.

If the data can be shared across sites, you could possibly just have it grab the data that the WHO from the toolbar uses, then. Thanks for the reply!

While the extension is working correctly for the majority of our players, it appears that some are having problems with the extension either freezing after some time, or not working at all. I am looking into this problem, unfortunately, issues like this are often caused by a conflict between two Firefox extensions, which makes figuring this out rather difficult.

Here are the instructions for generating an useful report, which should help us track down and resolve these problems:

- enter the about:config address into your browser, and click the button under the warning (and don't forget to be careful!)

- a huge list should open, alphabetically sorted. Find an entry called javascript.options.showInConsole (you can use the filter box above the list to narrow down the search) and double-click it to ensure that the value is set to true

- then, ensure that the Iron Realms extension is installed, close Firefox and open it again

- in the Tools menu, open Error console and switch to the Errors tab (a button on the top). If everything went well, you should see an error message (perhaps several error messages) mentioning ironrealms. Copy the errors (you can right-click on an entry to copy it) and either paste them here, or e-mail them to me to

- If the extension only freezes for you after some usage, there won't be any errors right away. In that case, you can wait until the extension freezes for you, then open the Error console and attempt to find an error mentioning ironrealms

Thanks for helping out with this problem!

OK, I got several pages of error messages, but basically those are repeats of only 3 errors:

Error: IronRealms is not defined
Source File: chrome://ironrealms/content/ironrealms.js
Line: 262

Error: IronRealms is not defined
Source File: chrome://ironrealms/content/ironrealms.js
Line: 352

Error: IronRealms is not defined
Source File: chrome://ironrealms/content/ironrealms.js
Line: 156


In my personal case, I was not able to login initially at all.

Then I discovered by accident, that for some bizarre reason the AddOn insisted on login in another browser window which was on the very bottom of numerous and various windows. When I obliged, I was able to login and use the AddOn. However, the Bar is active in ONE window only, but opens in tabs in another open window, where the bar is still dead. Most bizarre.

When I close one of the windows, it freezes and refuses to work altogether. I have to restart the FF, making sure that only 1 browser window opens, and then and ONLY then it works as expected. The moment I open another browser window the cycle continues.

Hope, that this helps.

Otherwise, it is a very useful tool. Thank you.

I don't know if I'm the only one that struggles with remembering the time zone differences, but it could be beneficial to include the server time in the toolbar. Or, for that matter, maybe even the in-game date as well.

This would help a lot of people, I think.

I agree. I can never remember how EST translates to game time.

I'm having issues with the toolbar remembering to update the information such as logs, number of players online, and the latest highlight from Achaea. I can restart Firefox and it is recent, but after a little while it stops refreshing with new information.


Do you have the latest version of the extension installed? That would be 1.0.3.

I have this problem as well. Some other FireFox extensions that provide live feed data also suffer from this problem, though I could not speak to how to fix it.

It seems to happen after about half an hour in all cases. As far as my debugger can tell, it looks like after a while its having some sort of problem scheduling an update event? I might be completely out of base there, just poking around in things I probably shouldn't be trying to see if is something I can fix :P

The Logs feature seems to be bugging out as it randomly says I have new logs in short time. That is it goes like from 0-8-16-24-35... This is just between my family board and the commune logs. when I click it doesn't have any new entries into the logs (most of the time).

I don't know if it would be possible, but could there possibly be a new 'Friends' feature? It would use your in game Friends list and the Who list to tell you how many any which ones are online.

While not integrated directly into the toolbar, you can use for this functionality.

I like the add-on so far and it seems to be working well in Firefox under Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu for me although the one I run under XP at home has the occasional habit of simply stopping Firefox dead in its tracks on occasion. I haven't downloaded the latest version though so perhaps that's the problem. I do agree with people that it'd be cool to have the game time and date integrated into the toolbar. I already use Foxclocks to account for timezones but it's still impossible to organize anything with any certainty if you have no idea how those timezones relate to ingame time and date.

When I try to check Players, it only shows me one or two of the online players even though my char is on prime. No idea what's happening with that.

This isn't available for Internet Explorer yet, is it? Are there plans to make it so?

I really am enjoying this add-on. I should've downloaded it earlier. lol

The one thing I am having trouble with is, as soon as you click Logs - it clears all the counts. So if I check one org's logs, I have to remember which other orgs also had logs. Can we have this work more like the News so each org's logs maintains its counts between clicks until it's actually viewed?

Also it'd be awesome if we had the option to add AMBLOG and TOTEMLOG for cities to it.


Clicking on the 'What's Happening Live' tab no loner works.  Instead it loads the page and says that they page can't be found.  Is there any fix to this?

So, I updated my firefox to the new beta for 4.0.

The toolbar did not show, as it is registered to only work up to 3.yadayada.


I am sure the wonderful developers here at IRE will eventually up this version for us, when they can get away from the whips for a few seconds, but until then, here is a quick fix to make your IRE toolbar work with firefox 4.0.


Mozilla earlier created the Compatibility Reporter add-on for its users to test and report the compatibility of add-ons with various Firefox releases.

The interesting part about this add-on is that it will automatically
configure your Firefox to install and use add-ons that are otherwise
incompatible with your release of Firefox.



Just download, reinstall as needed an, voila.

Just installed, can't wait to use it! Thanks!

We need one of these for Chrome now. I stopped using Firefox, not to mention it's not compatible with the most recent version.