Phone Application Alpha Test

We are looking for people who have characters on Imperian to test out our new phone applications.

We currently have game applications we are testing for J2ME and Android phones. J2ME works for blackberry and anything that supports Java/J2ME. Keep in mind these are very experimental and will probably undergo some significant changes over the next few weeks.

Currently the phone application will only allow you to log into the text game Imperian. The other IRE games do not yet support this feature. Once logged in you can chat on organization channels your character is a member of. You cannot send or receive tells to other players at this point.

While you will show up on the who lists for organizations while in the game, you will not actually be fully logged into the game. So you will not need to worry about being killed, but you will not be able to explore, bash, or anything like that either.

Multi-playing will not be tolerated! You cannot be logged into one character and then use your phone to log into another character.

Once we are happy with these versions we will create the iPhone version.

You can download the latest versions here:
J2ME version (works on Blackberry and anything else that supports Java/J2ME)
Two versions of the .jar are included, depending on your network provider, one of them should work for you.

Android version

Please post any issues, problems, and features you would like to see added in the comment section below.


For some reason, the application keeps timing out when I try and log into Imperian. I even connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot to see if maybe it was just my phones internet... and it just won't connect in general.

Just do you know, we are not working on this for the weekend, but I will force Tomas to slave over it next week. So get your requests in.

If you bring it to Achaea, I'm sure you'll have lots of people helping!
I'll definitely test the Android one for you...

Also, would you be able to log into your character on both the Phone, and the PC, to keep track of organisational channels on the phone? Seems quite handy, that.

Achaea should have it soon. That is an interesting thought about logging in twice, but currently it will not work like that. It would just kick you off of one or the other.

The new versions of the Nexus (currently in testing) and Flash (in development) clients do contain the channel tracking feature, similar to what you can see in the phone apps. MUD clients (cMUD, Mushclient, Mudlet, possibly others) are also adding experimental support for the GMCP protocol, which is what makes the separated channels possible, so such a feature would be possible with them as well (though I do not know at this time if they plan on adding something like that directly, or if you would need to script it yourself).

I've been hoping this would happen soon. I'm on the lookout for the Achaea one. Thank you for all that you guys do.

app loads extremely slowly, freezes when logging in. Also should look up AndroMUD if you want ideas.

edit: was using mobile connection if that's anything

This looks amazing. Now I just need an iPhone version and an Achaean version. Hopefully it won't be too long.

I was unsure which J2ME I should download, tried the IREClient.jar at first and the background should be grey with black text, however it blurred and eventually disappeared leaving me with my own background on the phone. Scrollback didn't work, I could scroll up but not back down, I had to leave the channel/enter it again to get it right. No random disconnects however!

So far IREClient-bb.jar works better with the 'graphics', but the random timeouts are annoying. Tried both on WiFi and mobile connection.

Which phone is that on? Mine runs Symbian series 60 and I am not observing any of these issues.


Nokia e71, S60 here too.

If I keep checking channels, entering/exit every now and then it won't time out. But if I just leave it and not doing anything it will eventually log me out. Other apps doesn't do this, not sure if there's a timeout with this app?

The background shimmers/gets blurry is fixed with the bb.jar, but the scrolling is still a bit messed up. If I scroll up two 'screens' I can only scroll down one, so if I want to get back to the latest messages, I need to exit the channel and enter it again.

Can see if I can take a screen shot and send it to you, if it's needed.

Edit: Actually, the background issue is still there with bb.jar, but it's not as bad. I can work around it by exit/enter channels. I sent Jeremy some screenshots if they're any help.

I have uploaded a new version (under the same name) which should fix the scrolling problem on Symbian.

Yes, it works better. Scrolling up is still not an issue, I have to hit 'down' twice to scroll down, but that could be my phone. I don't know. The background issue is still there though, except for the 'Send' field. Thanks for the update on the scrolling, works much better now!

Edit: After downloading the new version I hit an unexpected error while trying to exit the app. Not that it matters, since I was on my way to exit, but could be good to know.

I have disabled timeouts for phoneclient users, should fix your disconnects problem (unless it's the phone that disconnects inactive connections).

I have loaded a new version which hopefully fixes the background problem.


Thumbs up, Garryn! It's all nice and white.

If you plan to enhance or add some functions, clantells/guildtells/etc and clanwho/gwho/etc would be nice things to be able to use.

I don't think Iphones are able to support Java, along with Adobe Flash, any chance we can get something to work for the Iphone?

Jeremy has some plans regarding those, yes.

Been playin with the Blackberry one, so far so good. Except occasionaly the cursor disappears. Along with text, mainly on the login screen. The datas there just "invisible".

When could we expect to see one for achaea?

Connection keeps timing out to any of the games using the .apk version on Android 1.5 / 2.1.

Does that include Imperian? The other games don't have the necessary support for this yet.

Sorry, I only have characters on Achaea, Aetolia and Lusternia, and none of those worked.

I have uploaded a fixed version of the Android application. It should be able to connect correctly now (still Imperian only!).

Version names in file name, please!

Well, in the app itself as well. It's listed as 1.0 and thus Android doesn't consider it as an upgrade.

I can't wait for the achaea version.
Also, you don't need to worry about an iphone version. You don't want to associate such a high quality game with such a crappy device do you? :P

Part of me is saying "I agree! Keep it to Java-supported, and Android devices only!"
The other parts are asleep right now, but they hate iPhone too.

this sounds good for my BB.