Text Game Survey Results

Here are some of the results from our recent customer survey.

Some of you may find some of the results of our latest customer survey regarding the Iron Realms text games pretty interesting. We had over 1000 people complete the survey so there is no way we could display the results of the essay style questions, but we can give you stats where users rated text game features. Interesting to see how players rate the features they enjoy differently across the games.

At any rate, here are the results, check them out, and leave your comments!

ACHAEA - 484 Responses
How likely is it that you would recommend our text games to a friend or colleague? (0:Not Likely, 10:Very Likely) - 7.77

Rate the following activities (0:Hate It, 5:Its Okay, 10:Love It):
Collecting Items - 6.48
Crafting - 6.25
Exploring the World - 7.62
Killing Monsters (NPC's) - 7.02
Player Politics - 6.08
Player vs. Player Combat - 5.81
Questing - 6.80
Role Playing - 8.33
Trading - 6.56

AETOLIA - 191 Responses
How likely is it that you would recommend our text games to a friend or colleague? (0:Not Likely, 10:Very Likely) - 7.79

Rate the following activities (0:Hate It, 5:Its Okay, 10:Love It):
Collecting Items - 6.14
Crafting - 6.04
Exploring the World - 7.16
Killing Monsters (NPC's) - 7.18
Player Politics - 6.59
Player vs. Player Combat - 6.49
Questing - 6.45
Role Playing - 8.60
Trading - 6.53

IMPERIAN - 163 Responses
How likely is it that you would recommend our text games to a friend or colleague? (0:Not Likely, 10:Very Likely) - 7.91

Rate the following activities (0:Hate It, 5:Its Okay, 10:Love It):
Collecting Items - 6.37
Crafting - 6.01
Exploring the World - 7.06
Killing Monsters (NPC's) - 7.31
Player Politics - 6.27
Player vs. Player Combat - 6.49
Questing - 6.59
Role Playing - 7.98
Trading - 6.41

LUSTERNIA - 277 Responses
How likely is it that you would recommend our text games to a friend or colleague? (0:Not Likely, 10:Very Likely) - 8.18

Rate the following activities (0:Hate It, 5:Its Okay, 10:Love It):
Collecting Items - 6.55
Crafting - 7.36
Exploring the World - 7.89
Killing Monsters (NPC's) - 6.96
Player Politics - 6.18
Player vs. Player Combat - 6.32
Questing - 7.26
Role Playing - 8.67
Trading - 7.16

MIDKEMIA ONLINE - 74 Responses
How likely is it that you would recommend our text games to a friend or colleague? (0:Not Likely, 10:Very Likely) - 7.92

Rate the following activities (0:Hate It, 5:Its Okay, 10:Love It):
Collecting Items - 6.48
Crafting - 7.03
Exploring the World - 8.28
Killing Monsters (NPC's) - 6.85
Player Politics - 6.97
Player vs. Player Combat - 6.59
Questing - 7.19
Role Playing - 8.92
Trading - 7.04

What do you think? Please leave your thoughts, comments, and feedback.



It is nice to see RP rated so highly. Lets see more of it then please! :D

I agree



I find it pretty funny how low player vs player killing scored on imperians report. I've always enjoyed exploring, bashing, and rping a lot higher than pking. Good to see a lot of others enjoy what imperian really offers, a fun atmosphere to enjoy a hobby

I was also surprised to see that PK did not dominate a bit more in the survey.

That's what I was thinking. Maybe new players are overwhelmed by it? I was originally, though I love it now.


I too am surprised that PVP didn't fair a bit better across the board.


Isn't really enjoyed by everyone. It takes dedication and a lot of practice to be even remotely good at it. And those who aren't into it will probably rate it rather low.

Notable point on that. I will say that most of what I hear on combat in complaining about overpowered classes, though. The need for balancing. So, I think it might get a somewhat lower rating regardless.

It not only takes practice but from everything I've read it takes a pretty good system to be able to be one of the top fighters too, and for a game that doesn't require a contribution a system can be a significant investment.

That's rather insightful. I also used to suffer the additional problem of not having a stable internet so getting into PVP and lagging was the worst feeling ever.


I can only see good things coming out of this.

You do it cos you have to not cos you want to.

I was very surprised to see that PK was rated so low; there's a much bigger emphasis/interest in the game itself than this survey would imply. But then again, it's likely that most of the people who follow Achaea on facebook (which is where I saw the survey announced, at least) take the RP aspect of the game more seriously. All in all, it was a very interesting survey - thanks for doing it!

Interesting to see that player politics didn't seem to be at the top of anybody's list; I'm extremely interested to see that in Lusternia where you need to read the news each time you enter the realms to find out who your city/commune is at war with today!

Nice to see that Lusty players were the most interested in Crafting as well - it'll be my favourite part of the game once I scrape together enough for my arti's, and it's nice to know I'll have plenty of competition for the rank of 'Pwnest Crafter Eva'.

EDIT - please don't take that last bit seriously. I hate l33t speak as much as you do.

It comes as no surprise to me that roleplay is the favourite Midkemian passtime, or that our playerbase seems to enjoy roleplay more than any other game!

But I am surprised (and pleasantly so) to see that we rank second highest for enjoyng PK, given how simple combat is here. It makes sense, though. With less emphasis placed on the need for complex (read: annoying) system-building, there's more room for non-coders who would rather experiment with various combat strategies.

It's also nice to see that we're the highest ranked for enjoying my two favourite activities after roleplay - exploring and player politics. If I didn't already know it, this would really make me certain that Midkemia Online is absolutely the game for me.

I'd recommend it to anyone who's interested in thrilling politics, an intensive roleplay environment, an ever-expanding world with a solid setting (whether you've read the books or not; I didn't start until months after joining) and player combat than anyone can jump in on.

Our playerbase may be small, but what we lack in quantity we more than make up for in quality.


If you think IRE games are about RP, then you have no clue what RP is.

Care to elaborate? Do you mean that RP is more complex than just talking and acting like your character?


Isn't the roleplay why we play these kind of games?

The ire combat system is very strong, but it's not what made me stick around.

Everyone plays MUDs for the RP just like everyone plays Skyrim for the storyline.


People get different things from different games. I personally love the RP, but lots of people just enjoy the PK and the coding involved with writing scripts.

And the guy who posted before me should get his head removed from his *donkey*.

You're actually the guy that posted before you...

Everyone in -every- IRE game has their own niche, whether it be pk, crafting, rp or anything else. So before you start saying there's no RP, there is, maybe you don't like it, but others do, doesn't mean you have to react negatively or criticize it.

As for Midkemia, I'm supremely happy with how it's going for the most part. Like Lilah said, we lack a huge playerbase, but we all have so much opportunity to shape the game while it's still in open beta, so that's a really neat part of it for me. We certainly make up for what we lack with hundreds of active players with the quality of our roleplay and the like too!

Coming from someone who has literally spent hundreds of dollars on cartels, trade arti's, and designs, I can't get enough crafting! There is no greater joy than to see someone use a weapon, armour, or other item I designed myself.

always interesting to see what the playerbase thinks of the games.

Interesting results, strange to see how some things differ from game to game and how some are a constant.


It's a good sign that RP is generally satisfactory across the games, and I share that sentiment as well. I was surprised, however, that PvP is rated so low, what with the games' complex and intricate combat systems. Maybe the people who answered the survey just had a bad PvP day..or maybe it's a deeper-rooted system about combat's incredibly steep learning curve and the edge of automated curing against aspiring "manualists".


However, as it is, things seem well, and that's a good sign.

Kinda surprising. I would have though PvP would have rated higher in Achaea.


RP's why I left Achaea, and glad to see it's still flourishing in Aetolia!

interesting results


All seem to be the lowest across the board.  Seems like these are also the most tedious things on the survey so in that regard it makes sense.  I'm somewhat surprised to find politics so low though.  Too much drama for most people?

I am not on FB, so it seems I skipped the survey. We need more RP! However, it is very interesting to see the IRE games playerbase's opinion. It seems everybody is quite satisfied with the games. 

Drama. :(


Isn't playing the games at all RP?

The fact that I don't constantly bicker with people doesn't mean I'm not playing a the role of "Yure."


Perhaps my character is a lot like me, perhaps not, but either way she doesn't know what a computer is.


Yes, it is rather interesting, that PvP scored so low in Achaea.

Perhaps most players view PvP as an integral part of  RP, as I do, and not as an activity to be enjoyed on its own, like crafting or exploring.  If Achaea had no RP I would -not- play it, but if Achaea had no PvP I would probably still enjoy it. 

Hrm... the more interesting reads are waaay back into the farther pages.

That's because they take a little effort to find!

and not how i would have rated things.  Thanks for sharing the data, though.


i geuss pk was rated so low because there are many people that don't participate at all and these people tend to quite strongly dislike it.

Lusternia the happiest? Hah, with the ammount of whining some individuals do, would have thought it to be different. Good to see they are a vocal minority then. Results look pretty accurate.

Interesting, I always enjoy seeing data like this. Good to know this is being done, feeling you oppinion matters does make a player happy.

What about the lobster?


Player vs. Player Combat - 5.81



really it's odd to see roleplaying that high since I hardly ever see it.

They should have put raiding in the polls, it would have been around 9.

Seems fairly accurate. Aetolia definitely has better RP than Achaea, despite the smaller player base.

Mm maybe I should try midkima!

So PvP (in Achaea) is rated as overall least enjoyable? Seems like the Admin should be doing something to make it more enjoyable or to show more support for what the players do consider enjoyable.

 I am not sure the survey means that our admins need to get busy, maybe its the players that need to change thier mindsets. After all I dont see the word administrator in "player vs. player"

RP comes out on top, yet so many are just so bad at it, myself included. Methinks the definition of RP is a loose one.


Also, you forgot "Coding" as an activity. :D

How did I not come across this survey? Hmm...

Hmm.. figured the score would be higher.

I like that Lusternia players are more likely to reccomend the game than others.

I need to try harder at that. Playing with RL friends is fun. Must arrange a time to meet up and try to get them hooked.

Glad that most ratings are pretty high, or at least higher than 5.

seems to have some decent scores. I should give it a try

They get scared of me when they see all the words

Achaea crafting is pretty nice. I think Aetolia has better options, but with the things Achaeans can craft... Achaea has a much wider array of choices, and often better designs.



Or Woho?

Can't believe Achaea PvP got such a low rating. I enjoy it so much o.O Maybe it's bc I made my own system that works!