And the Lucky Winner is...

How is everyone doing out there in IRE land? We're off to a great start for this new year, and although the holiday credit bonus is over it won't stop us from giving you more, more, more! That's right, our giant bag of goods is far from empty, the mad geniuses behind the curtain have plenty more in store for all the little gamers.


Chris Bourassa Raffle Winner

Thanks for all of you folks that participated in the raffle to get your character drawn by IRE artist Chris Bourassa, we definitely had a great turnout. I know you've all been waiting at the edge of your seats for the winner to be announced. We'd like to congratulate Achaea's Lodi as the winner of the Chris Bourassa raffle! Thanks again and stay tuned for more fantastic contests headed your way! As soon as Chris is done drawing up Lodi, we will post it for the whole world to see.


Lesson Packages Galore!

Secondly, we have released our awesome lesson packages again. Not familiar with them? No problem! We've bundled some slick packages strictly for lessons. What this means for you? More lessons at a lower price! Follow the links to your favorite games to see more details on our package deals. 

Achaea -

Aetolia -

Imperian -

Lusternia -

Midkemia -


That sums up the rest of January folks, hope you enjoyed this month's promotions and events. Stay tuned with us as we move in to February - what could possibly be in store? Until next time folks, enjoy and we'll see you in game.

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