Artifacts and Double XP All Month Long!

Hi fans! It's June and everyone knows with a new month comes promotions! Let's start things off right by making this summer the best gaming experience ever. Check out these June promos we have lined up.


Double XP Tuesdays

The summer has only just started and what better way to get ready for the new season than with some double xp! Every Tuesday in June is Double XP day. You'll earn double the experience on mobs and quests. That means there are four full days of non stop bashing this month!


Tiered Bonus 

Let me explain how this works: Our sale has five tiers. Whenever you reach 100, 300, 500, 1000, and 2000 credit purchases you'll get a bonus item along with your purchase (bonus item varies upon game). Once you hit 2000 credits you've reached the max amount of bonus items available. The higher you are in a tier, the bigger the bonus you get with your purchase! Check out the announce posts below for details on our June tier promotion.

  • Achaea -
  • Aetolia -
  • Imperian -
  • Lusternia -
  • Midkemia -


Artifact Drop Thursdays

Last, but certainly not least, we have our very special artifact drop day. Every Thursday, mobs throughout our games have a chance to drop artifacts for you to have for the day. Every mob you kill you have a chance to drop one of many different temporary artifacts! Be sure to check your games announce posts and help files for more information about this promotion as each game is running it a little differently.


That sums up the month of June. We're excited to give you this start to your summer and we can't wait to spend it with all our fans in IRE land. Be sure to check us out on Facebook for updates on the latest events or chat with us on Twitter. Thanks everyone, and enjoy our June promotions!



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