Awesome August Adventure

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The Iron Realms staff is gathering in our secret hideout for our annual meeting of the minds. We will be plotting exciting new features that will be coming to the Iron Realms text games. Of course, we want to remember all of the new stuff we have been adding as well.

Browser Extensions We now have extension for the Firefox and Chrome browsers allowing you access to tons of information from the games including message counts, unread news, online players, and more. Hundreds of people have downloaded them. If you have not seen them, check them out. Here are the links to their respective pages:

Download, install, and enjoy these free tools for your favorite text games. If you really like them, please take some time to comment and rate them as well.

Don't Miss This

  • Sunday, August 22: Super Mega Live Ustream - Chat live with Jeremy Saunders and many of the Iron Realms game producers in this MEGA UStream event! This event will start at 3PM EST (12PM PST, 19:00 GMT). Have your questions ready!
  • August 25th - Divine Favour Wednesday - This will be the final favour day for the all the IRE text games this month.
  • August 27th - 29th: Double XP Weekend. This is a great chance to really boost those character levels.
  • Credit Sale: Don't forget the credit sale is running until September 15th. 20% Bonus to all purchases and 30% for Elite Members.

Hot Stuff

  • A new Lusternia website is on the way. Not here yet, but getting closer.
  • T-Shirts are coming for all of our text games. Check out the image in the newsletter for a preview!
  • Players have written several articles for the Iron Realms website about text games. You can read the first two now, and several more will be released over the next few days. You can find them here and here. Please read and comment!

Don't forget to chat live with us this Sunday at 3PM EST. You can meet with myself and many of the other IRE producers and volunteers. Talk to you Sunday!

Iron Realms President Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment

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