Celebrate Spring with Iron Realms

The last few weeks have been very active for the Iron Realms games. We have had ton of improvements and enhancement across all of our game worlds. We also have a great credit promotion running and IronCon on the way.


Meet with all of the producers from all of the Iron Realms games, many of the gods, and dozens of players at a huge Iron Realms party in Las Vegas. Not to mention the infamous Matt Mihaly will be making an appearance. We have 10 more tickets for sale. You can get all the information here: http://www.ironrealms.com/ironcon.

Are we going to see you there?

What's Happening?

Loads of things happening on all the IRE games. Check out these posts:






Credit Gifts

Until the end of March each of our game is providing a special gift for credit purchases. Check out your favorite games below to find out more.


Don't forget to join our online community on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get up to date news on in game events and changes. Thanks for playing and enjoy our March promotion.

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