Cool Art, Mobile Clients, and Free Credits

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Hey Iron Realms Junkies,

Just a quick heads up on what is happening on the Iron Realms MUDs and what you can expect to see on the text games near future.

Credit Sale

We are currently running an Alter Ego Sale on all of our MUDs. You can purchase any credit package and instantly get a 50% bonus to apply to any new character on any IRE MUD game created after May 1st. This is a perfect time to try a new game, create a new character, or help a friend get started. That means you will get 150 credits if you buy 100 and 3000 credits if you go for 2000. Check your game announce board for more info.

Free Credits!

You can earn 2 FREE credits every time you help test our Digg system and then comment on one of our web site articles. If you want, you can earn another free credit on every character if you want to login and comment again. Go here to learn more about it.


Buy credits, get a gift bag. All purchases get gift bags. Giftbags are full of free stuff. Gift bags rule. Here are links to the in game announcements.

Mobile Client Coming!

We have a free android client coming soon for all our text games. It is nearly completed and we will need players to test it. Play Iron Realms text games anywhere! Keep your eyes on the web sites and announce boards for information.

Crazy New Art!

In case you missed it Chris Bourassa has pumped out more art for our MUD games. Check them out and leave a comment!

On a side note, we currently have new Achaea and Aetolia web sites in production using this new art. They are going to rock!

Oh yeah, don't forget to hit the Iron Realms Facebook Page and be sure to LIKE it!


Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment

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