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Just a quick update for all the Iron Realms junkies out there.

First, if you want to learn about the humble beginnings of Iron Realms, Achaea, and the rest of our text games, check out this interview with Matt Mihaly, the founder of Iron Realms Entertainment.

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As always, we have a way for you to get Free Credits. In fact, right now we have TWO ways to get free credits.

  1. Visit and help us test our Digg system. This option will be ending soon, so take advantage now. We change the article every couple of days, so check back often.
  2. Comment on any article or gallery image on the IRE website (while logged in) and your character will get a free credit. You can do this on all your characters, once per day, everyday for the month of June. You can find a list of all of our articles and images here:


MUD Android Client

As promised we have released a basic client for Android phones. We are still in the testing stages, but you can learn more about the phone here.


Fun Sites

We have a couple of web projects being done by Iron Realms fans. Check them out.

  • is focused om bringing the latest news concerning MMO and RPG games.
  • is central for learning how to play the number one RTS out there, Starcraft 2. 



In case you have not already done so, visit the Iron Realms Facebook Page and have a great time playing the Iron Realms MUDs!


Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
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