Credit Bonus and Auctions

Human Cleric

May is the month of double fun. For the rest of the month, all purchases will earn a bonus of 25% credits. In addition, all IRE games are running special artifact auctions throughout the next few weeks.

Here are some of the few featured items from each game to whet your appetite.



Achaea is releasing a thurible of Soulbleed. This artefact contains the fragments of the primordial power of death, bestowing upon its owner the ability to raise a slain adventurer into a reanimated minion! What better way to humiliate your arch-nemesis than raising his lifeless body to serve as your pet!?  

All auction items are listed here:


Midkemia Online

Midkemia's featured item is the Spying Orb artifact. The Spying Orb is hidden and unable to be removed when the owner drops it in a room, and as long as it sits in the room (until it eventually resets back to its owner) it will relay everything said in the room to the owner. It's the perfect artifact for spies, infiltrators, mischief-makers, or anyone looking to snoop in on secret conversations and discussions.

You can read more about the Midkemia auction here:



A powerful implement of control, the Wand of the Charmer allows its user to bring almost any NPC under their rule. While the effect only lasts for a minute, the NPC will turn upon any aggressors that bear their arms against the charmer. Tired of those pesky attackers always hounding you in your favourite hunting area? Just find the meanest and toughest NPC there and bring him over to your side!

All Aetolia auction items can be found here:



Imperian is releasing a brand new belt that will allow the owner to become a ghost. The user can leave their body behind as they venture fprth into the  world as a spirit. Other players cannot injure those in ghost form and they can go anywhere and explore anything without the fear of death. Well, that is unless someone finds where they have hidden their body.

You can read all about the Imperian auction here:



In Lusternia, two new beastmastery artifacts are up for auction. The whip will allow a beastmaster to train beasts to use a minor breath attack that does excorable damage while the riding crop can train beasts to use a minor breath attack of divinus damage (attacks usable only by those with the respective artifact). Beware of the wyvern rider holding a whip!

Lusternia just finished their first auction, but these items will be us very soon in a second auction.

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