December Artifact Packages and Chests

It's Christmas eve and December is quickly coming to an end. Even though we're almost done with the month we've still got goodies for you. Why don't you bundle up by the computer, get something hot to drink and we'll jump right in to one of our worlds.


Ironbeard is Here

That famous jolly fellow is quietly visiting everyone who is playing the the game. The more you are online the greater your chance of getting a free gift from Ironbeard. He will be found on all of the IRE games until the New Year.


IronCon in July

We have planned a massive Iron Realms meet for players, producers, and vounteers for this coming July in Las Vegas. We have rented a gigantic house for a weekend party where you can mingle with the Gods. We only have 7 tickets left, so you better jump on that now. You can learn more about IronCon right here:


Artifact Packages and Chests

Need a good gift to give for the holidays? Or maybe you just deserve a treat yourself? Whatever the case we've got the perfect thing for you! For the rest of the month IRE is selling amazing artifact packages at low prices! These packages offer a wide variety of artifacts at discounted prices for your convenience, saving you both time and money. All of the games are also selling special chests (called different things on each game). These chests hold many rare items. Enticed yet? Don't let this great deal slip by, check out your favorite games' deals below.


Recent Events


The reign of Bal'met, the Worldreaver has come to an end at the hands of Aurora, the Lightbringer and over five hundred adventurers who were imbued with the power of Demigods to aid in the foul corruptor's demise. What comes next for the shattered lands of Achaea? Half of the divine pantheon has been slain, the city of Shallam has been wiped from existence, the white dragon, Ashaxei, dead, and a foul alien disease still spreads virulently through the population.



Aetolia is in full holiday spirit with loads of prizes waiting to be snatched up! The much anticipated revamp of the Teradrim class draws near completion, with sneak peeks at Sentinel expansion and the latest Technology Trees already underway.  Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting developments, as events preluding the Teradrim revamp have already begun!



Entities have begun to join with the cults of the land forming very powerful sects. Do you currently belong to one of these new sects or cults? Everyone's favourite drunken dwarf is back! From now until the end of the year, Ironbeard will be traveling around, giving out giftbags with a variety of useful gifts.



In Lusternia, the first of a new set of primary skills for mages/druids has been released with the introduction of Aquachemancy. The skillset does not rely on room effects by way of demesnes but rather is geared more for 1:1 PVP. These new skillsets come from the far future as the result of the ongoing War of the Wheel event which is now in full swing. Look out for the release of the other mage/druid skillsets in coming months!



As Midkemians begin to anticipate the fun and frivolity of the upcoming Ishapmas, darker concerns have begun to trouble the minds of many. What was once there mere odd disappearance of the Ranger General has Krondor seeking answers, and possibly some much-deserved revenge, from the suspicious Keshian scouting about the lands. Though emissaries from the Great Empire of Kesh claim they seek only to assist  the Kingdom and Forests of Elvandar in protecting themselves from raiding Quegan Pirates, many believe this to be another ruse perpetuated by the ever-manipulative Kesh.

Meanwhile in the Ithilian Defile, a lone researcher by the name of Caelestis seems perpetually lost without his astrolabe. Diligently assisting him seems not only to prove a task for brave hunters, but also promises great rewards!  



Wow! That's a whole lot to keep you on your toes til the New Year. Artifacts, chests, IronCon, and a whole lot of in game events for you all to enjoy. Thanks again for playing and enyoying the IRE worlds. 


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