Double XP Estravanganza Super Dooper Weekend!

Tsol'aa Sentinel

Just a quick newsletter to remind everyone you can earn double XP all this weekend on any IRE text game. This is a perfect opportunity to get a boost existing characters you have and a great chance for a quick start on any new characters you have been day dreaming about.

To get a new character started just visit the IRE website and click "Create a Character". You will instantly be launched into exciting new lands and adventures.

Credit and Lesson Sale

Don't forget the current 20% credit and lesson package bonus sale ends on January 31st. Not only will the bonus be off, but you will no longer be able to purchase those lovely lesson packages.

Here are the credit and lesson pages for our websites:

Reading Material

Need some good reading material? Check out the latest articles written by our amazing players!

One more note. We have two UStreams planned for February. You can catch me on February 7th and Justin Walsh (Tecton of Achaea) on February 23rd. Specific times will be released as we get a little closer.

Have fun this weekend and try not to overdose on caffeine!

Jeremy Saunders

Jeremy Saunders
President, Iron Realms Entertainment


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