Fifteen Years of Iron Realms

Can you believe that the first Iron Realms game, Achaea, opened its doors fifteen years ago? Fifteen years ago our beloved little CEO, Matt Mihaly, started his very first little MUD game. It's amazing how far our little game company has come. Did you know that in the early days you could not even cure paralysis? Now we have five full time, online games and over a dozen full time employees. IRE has grown to have five of the top MUD games in the world! I would wager many of our players were not even BORN fifteen years ago! How is that for crazy?

Achaea is throwing a proper party to celebrate its fifteenth birthday this month, so be sure to login and enjoy the celebrations!


Lesson Sale

Have you ever been in that position where you're just a few lessons shy of getting that skill you've always wanted? Need that extra skill to make you a beastly combatant? We've got you covered this month with our amazing lesson sale. For this month we're selling lessons at low prices! Check out your favorite games below and take advantage of our great deals!


 September News and Events


Besides turning fifteen years old, Achaea welcomes back CEO Matt Mihaly as an active designer. While Matt will be working along side us once more, Justin Walsh will continue to serve as Achaea's producer. We are talking Matt into doing a UStream with the players, so be sure to watch out for that.

Achaea has also annouced the coming of new simplified PK rules. What you say? No need to hire a lawyer to understand the rules. Check it all out right here.


With the recent invasion of the Nazedha, Aetolia debuted the first instance of a new breed of challenging NPC opponents, able to react intelligently and cure afflictions in much the same way as player characters. Many intricate and exciting PvE events are sure to feature refined iterations of this new feature! Class revamps also continue after the recent release of the Shamans guild, with major changes to the Teradrim class under review to help make the class more enjoyable for all players to use.


This month Imperian is running a massive event with undead, orcs, goblins, trolls, gorgons, hydras, wraiths, ogres, and tons of incredible new creatures. The Undead and the Horde have declared all out war with players and against themselves, filling the heartlands with thousands of troops. Win new honors, new artifacts, and endless fame as you participate in what IRE President Jeremy Saunders has declared to be the "Mother of all Events".


As always Lusternia has a ton of good stuff going on. What is the best way to learn about it all? Talk to the man in charge himself! Thats right, on September 14th at 3PM PST, you can talk directly with Robb French, the Lusternia producer via UStream. Don't miss it. 


Midkemia introduces new updates now live for the players. These updates include a Crusading skillset, a specialization unique to the Priests of Tith-Onanka, the War God. In addition, Midkemia has introduced "effective level" into its city-vs-city siege battlegrounds, boosting up lower-level citizens to level 70 and increasing base stats.


Lastly, for the dedicated roleplaying community, Midkemia Online has added experience rewards for roleplaying! Whenever a player - friend or foe - anonymously expresses esteem for you for enriching the roleplaying environment you will be rewarded for your efforts! For more details log in to midkemiaonline and check it out yourself!



Thank you again for the last fifteen years of fun times, adventure, story telling, player killing, and issues. Enjoy our month long lesson sale and game events. Don't forget to join us and the rest of the Iron Realms community on Facebook and Twitter - see you in game, folks! 

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