Giant June Jackrabbits

June is in full swing with summer hitting those of us in the north (sorry you poor southern hemispheroids suckers). Kids are getting out of school, and the Iron Realms is looking to rapid fire several exciting events across all of our games Heaven forbid people actually go outside, exercise, visit family, or something else equally crazy. We encourage everyone to stay inside, drink caffeine, and play Iron Realms. Here is a look at our schedule for the next month!

Current Events

  • Login everyday for a FREE bound credit. You can earn these on as many characters as you want! Just get 10 minutes of play time!
  • Double XP Fridays! What could be better than double XP?
  • Iron Ticket Monday. Find Iron Tickets in all the Iron Realms games and win lots of free credits.
  • Tokens, Dingbats, Black Iron Coins, Mayan Crowns, and everything else can now be earned with credit purchases. You know you want them...

Upcoming Events

  • The Great Hunt returns Saturday, June 26 and will run for two days! Login to your favorite game for more details.
  • Next month you can earn lessons everyday! The more you play, the more you get. Information coming soon!
  • Two exciting, brand new weekly events will be unveiled in June. Think lots of artifacts and crazy critical hits. What could it be?
  • Ustream with the illustrious Eric Lamy of Aetolia on June 23rd.

Hot Happenings

  • Highcastles have been released on Midkemia. This is something you MUST check out.
  • Lots of updates on Imperian, including some Arena chances, Obelisk tweaks, City Defenses and MXP additions.
  • Billions of bugs squashed and invading forces on Aetolia.
  • Waystations on Lusternia... Oooooer.
  • Phasers in Tears of Polaris? I can't wait to shoot something.
  • As an initiation to the bloody and cut-throat game of Achaean politics, the child heir to Castle Enverren led an army of Mhaldorian warriors to reclaim her birthright.

Check out the Iron Elite

Iron Realms released an Elite membership program last month for players looking to accelerate their characters quickly. Just go to your favorite game webpage to check out what you can get.
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